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Originally Posted by dknight0001 View Post
I do apologise, I read maybe the first sentence and than skipped that paragraph thinking he's asking for a Tier 5 NX.

I was using the last version of Spidermitch's chart to check and read the -10% shield right next to the NX and thought it's modifier was .9 and was going by that since I don't have the ship to try out.
Yes I'm far too lazy to actualy look at mine so I used the chart. But if what he is reporting is correct the the modifier is wrong on both our counts.

The chart does mention escorts having less shields but does say that does not apply to starter/light ships.

As I said im not terribly sure.
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Originally Posted by theagoeb View Post
Good evening everyone! (Or whatever greeting, for your timezone of choice.)

So lately, I've been playing a bit too much STO, (don't we all? Haha) and kind of just had some ideas on the back burner of my mind for a while. Namely, it's in regards to my first real ship, an NX class, that I have mothballed away into that magic little place where ships go as you gain new commands.

Anyway, what I've been thinking, is to gather some ideas from the community on how to still have these ships, well, playable in late to endgame content. Now, this isn't a thread to ask for new, VA versions of old ships. From what I can tell that has been vetoed down by the higher ups. But, mostly it's kind of a place for some of you more experienced players out there to maybe pass down some knowledge, possibly if there is anyone out there who shares my interest to relive the glory days of newbie-hood. I have an NX class myself, but I can definitely see this including the TOS Connie as well. They are both ships that cost us some money, and it kind of feels a shame to leave them in spacedock.

Also, on a related note, I've done some experiments myself, to test the feasibility of this. Trying to equip my Paratrinic Sheilds, which has the highest cap from my understanding (to overcome the probably most important factor of terrible hull) seems to have an interesting, and annoying effect. Equipping the 8000 something cap shields suddenly drops them to a greatly reduced something, then it goes back after taking them off.

I'm assuming this is some sort of factor to the ship itself, but really, I don't have much experience in the matter. Is there a way to overcome this?

Anyway, thanks for the time. If there is any readers out there that have some ideas to toss around, this is the place. Or if you've already figured out a sustainable plan, don't be shy! I'm sure i'm not the only one interested in this kind of thing.
The only Idea is NOT to show up in a T5 instance, STF, Fleet Instance with one of them.

It is probably the rudest thing that anyone can do as a VA to show up in a t1 or t2 ship (non retrofit) in one of those instances. It disrespects the other players who are giving of their time to help accomplish that mission so that all may benefit from it.

If you wish to play the ships, hey by all means, but do so in the correct context. Bringing them to the context mentioned is about the most selfish thing that a player can do to you neighbor.

So you know, there is not really a good way to spec them to survive for long in those instances. they miss critical health, slots, and bo powers to be truly effective and survivable. Sure you can putter around in the instance with it, but you might as well not shown up at all to the team mates who will now have to carry your weight in completing the objectives, and who will take notice of you, and your fleet in a not so nice manner.

It is why he, DKnight, stated to you good luck making them T5, that is the only way to make them viable for what you are asking. There are groups out there who adventure in those type of ships in VA instances, but they do so privately, which is about the most respectful thing that I have ever seen. These group shows some serious class in doing it that way, i suggest you seek them out, and if I run across one I will note this post for them.

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