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Originally Posted by mobilesuit89 View Post
Ouch, so crafting is a bit of a pain now? That sucks, I usually enjoy crafting in games as it gives me something else to do instead of just leveling through quests/missions and doing dungeons, plus I get a warm fuzzy feeling when I help out another player by making them some gear for free. Well at least I know now to save the Dilithium for crafting, thank you for explaining the changes to crafting.

I can't remember if I have or still have a bio for my Engineer. In Champions Online I would always try to write some type of bio that makes sense for my character, I am not into rping but I do roleplay my character in my head (if that makes any sense, lol).

That makes perfect sense. That is what I do, playing in my head. Except when my real-life friend plays, then we have in-character RPs as when go through a Mission or two.

As for saving the Dilithium for crafting, that may be a bit difficult. You see, it is used for everything now. Equipment and Ship stores now use it instead of Energy Credits. That is not so bad if did not require around a hundred and a half thousand Refined Dilithium per ship and dozens of thousands per equipment piece. Since you can only refine 8,000 Dilithium per day regardless of how much Raw material you collect, you really have to pick-n-choose what you want. Of course, you CAN spend real-life money to get the Dilithium, if you choose to go that route.

Originally Posted by rdm1958 View Post
have you joined a fleet? i would like to invite you to the 44th Fleet. Fed and Klingon welcome with a no hassle application process. plenty of friendly players to help you out and we have a great start on a base.

see you in Eden.

Yes, Fleets are required for the High Level ships now, too. Well, +2 Variants, and Tier 5 versions of lower Tier ships, anyway.

I have a Fleet myself. Well, I was a member of one. Everyone else quit the game. It sort of left me as a Fleet Of One.

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