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07-28-2012, 02:30 PM
"I like one-on-one fights. And I believe 1v1 is a legitimate way to test game mechanics and builds within them."

Is there some other game you'd wish to discuss where your belief system is actually represented in that very same game? Because it isn't in STO. You don't seem to understand this. Maybe its a language barrier. Are you trying to say "I wish STO was built around 1v1 fights because I enjoy them." ?

See that would be a decent statement to start from. So what is exactly this "topic"?

Your love of 1v1 fights and whatever it is you wish us to love about them also.

Your love of 1v1 fights and your desire to mold STO to fit that love.

Turnips. And the sweet yet infuriating way they have of making everything else in the stew taste funny.

And don't be foolish now, its tiresome. 1v1 is ONLY ever a legitimate way of testing anything when a game is designed around 1v1 encounters. STO isn't. Stop trolling. Pick a real topic and start a thread.
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07-28-2012, 04:47 PM
I don't think most people know how to tank or deal decent DPS at the same time, the issue isn't with the game mechanics or the current balance ( granted some balances need to be made, but minor ones, not these grand plans that "escorts can't tank" )

By the way, in the series, who said escorts can't tank?

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07-28-2012, 07:09 PM
Originally Posted by broken1981 View Post
ok well i made a post of how to break up tt. i wanted to get the crew recover back like in the old days for 2 reasons. first reason is you lose dps that tt gives when you lose crew. second reason is because now with less crew you get longer procs. well i got trolled for that. use et if your an oddy or a bat if an escourt bla bla bla. very stupid counters when you get 3 systems proced every 3 secs. not to long after we got the new doff packs. the space nurse for fed medic for kdf. in battle you crew will stay as 75%. 150 regen for a blue 200 for purple. what i noticed is that i no longer had 3-4 systems proced. only 1 because i happened to have skilled sub rep to 6 points. when i did get proced is was for about 2 secs of a proc. now if you get hit by theta it does take a bit for the space nurse to bring from 0 crew back to 75%. also i need a parser but it did seem the nurse boosted borg procs because on my jem the nurse boosted my hull rep rate. from 189 to 198. or something like that.

also seen your second post. no you did not piss me off roach. not sure what gave you that idea other then the fact of how i did respond when you asked about space nurse. i tryed to get a discussion going about space nurse. something everyone should have had when your getting 3-4 systems proc. but well im not logilomo so most people did not care to make statements with counters and counter mine. maybe if i ramble on about stupid crap ill get the views as well? lol

also yes space medic is a bug. as well as buying fed doffs to use on sb klink side.

I missunderstood the tenor of your former post evidently and thought I had somehow pissed you off.
My mistake, I often piss people off with little effort or not knowing, so I have learned to ask.

Interesting read about the Nurse/Medic and the Proc rates. Wish I had seen it earlier.
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07-28-2012, 07:19 PM
Originally Posted by sophlogimo View Post
Can we please get back on topic.
I agree.
I think webdeaths incoporation of the injury system has merit and a need for a seperate thread.
It sounds like it would better solve the zombie cruiser issue and the tanking escort issue that many are upset about.
Richard Hamilton (1975-2014)
goodbye good friend. We will see you in the DMZ in the sky oneday, save a shot for us.

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