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So I was debating whether to ever come here, as EVE Online taught me a valuable lesson about game forums - if not forums in general - that can be summed up as follows. "If you post it, trolls will come". But whatever, not like I have anything to lose.

This is a chance for those who whine and complain about this game to, potentially, hopefully, do something about what they whine about. See, I'm also taking this idea from EVE's forums also: a post that describes all the little stuff about the game that isn't really an issue but is still a nuisance, from a gameplay standpoint. Hence the term "paper cuts". Maybe they're not exactly gameplay-ruining issues, but they're still annoyances.

The overall objective is that it somehow makes its ways to the devs, and at some point in the future, they do something about these "paper cuts". Someone on EVE's forums did it a while back, the thread got thousands of replies in the following months of people posting their 5-10 paper cuts, and the devs got wind of it and checked it out. A huge number of the issues were acknowledged, and quite a few were actually resolved over the next few patches and expansions.

So, it can work for the most assholish MMORPG in existence (and those of you who play/played it know what I mean) why can't it work here? I mean, if it works, I imagine depending on what the issues are, if they're actually fixed, it'd improve everyone's gaming experience, let alone those who complained about it in the first place.

So, let me start it off.

1. The Galaxy-X (Dreadnought)'s third warp nacelle doesn't light up when the ship goes to warp/transwarp.
2. STO seriously has about...eh, a dozen, I'd say...music tracks.
3. The time/effort-to-reward ratio for Starbase Fleet Defense, and No Win Scenario
4. The PM sound notification for KDF is barely audible compared to the Starfleet one.
5. The confusing chat interface.

Hopefully, it catches on. It won't if it turns into a spamfest, so please, let's stick to the objective here. I advise they be real, addressable issues ("NOBODY EVER GUARDS THE KANG" isn't really gonna be taken seriously, I'd imagine), and...yeah. Let's get those thousand, yeah? Have fun!
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I'm going to share this as much as possible, so let's see:

1. STO's soundtrack is incredibly generic and gets old very quickly.
2. Cryptic's ham-fisted attempts to force people to congregate in social zones plus their bad habit of filling them with hordes of pointless wandering NPCs makes them bloated and unweildy to the point of having to kill the client with the task manager and restart it just to load an area.
3. Turn in Contraband assignments reward a ridiculously small sum of Dilithium Ore for taking five hours to complete.
4. The prisoner DOFF assignment from the Security Officer gives lackluster rewards for using an otherwise valuable resource.
5. Antimatter Spread, a console one has to pay money for, no longer works on Borg Cubes, the enemy it was canonically designed to confuse. Love or hate AMS, this is something Cryptic is charging money for.
6. The Galaxy-R's saucer still shows up as a default Galaxy Saucer when docking after separation, even when using a Majestic or Venture saucer.

Not included in the above, but something I feel is worth mentioning: The Federation/KDF EVA suit is a hilariously and offensively priced single purchase EV suit with lackluster stats rather than an account wide alternate appearance for EV suits belonging to players of either faction.
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- I'd like to have additional outfitslots for my Boffs so I can switch them between standart ship uniform they are wearing now, fleet uniform, some casual outfit & maybe TOS uniform for time-travel missions.

- Cloaked ships decloaks as soon as somebody farts too loud on the bridge (Ok, ancient issue, probably known by every dev but still annoying as hell).

- I can still see my big ships AFTER they warped out & before the loading screen (far away & tiny BUT still there).

- After transwarping out of a system (and ship is not there anymore) a warp out of the system sequence plays (just without ship, but effects, camera swing and warp sound are there).

- Beaming off the bridge to switch to tactical view is stupid. If there has to be an animation make a "sits on captains chair" one.

- My 1st Commander/XO/No.1 which even is officially declared so does neither sit next to me on the bridge (Any bridge, but in my case the Aquarius) or even is recognized in any other situation outside of the window which declares the XO as XO.

- Lots of cheap looking clipping (feet in floor for example) on several if not all bridges (yeah yeah, ancient issue again, but an ancient cheap looking clipping error does still makes the game look cheap).

- Underused Boff stations on bridges. Bridges like the Aquarius could easily show 16 Boffs.

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07-29-2012, 01:34 AM
KDF ships have more Klingons on the Engineering deck than the entire city of Qo'nos.
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1- Occasionally being stuck in place when trying to take off sprinting from a cold stop. Very annoying during Tour the Galaxy.

2- The game's soundtrack does get old quickly.

3- Stop taking productive means of generating game currency and/or resources and nerfing them into oblivion.
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07-29-2012, 10:00 AM
1. The factions are chaotic in appearance and organisation. The "Federation" side should be able to decide wether they want to play a Federation citizen ("civilian", planetary militia, mercenary, whatever, access to non-starfleet ships, costumes and ranks) or a Starfleet officer (with a damn UNIFORM and Starfleet-exclusive stuff). The "Klingon Empire" shouldn't be a "red Federation" - make the KDF races allies with each other with individual social homezones, costumes (!!! no more Gorn wearing "klingon" uniforms) and ships with a heavy emphasis on the Klingons. Don't portray them as space orcs.

2. Players on both sides have to commit large-scale genocide on every routine mission they pick up. Klingons are warriors, no merciless killing machines. And I bet Starfleet does not approve the death of several thousand individuals while a frigging science ship explores an unknown system to scan for minerals. Give us the possiblity to disable enemy ships and persuade them to surrender or board them.

3. Cut the dropbox-crap. Or at least don't terrorize the players not falling for it (that means let us disable dropbox drops entirely)

4. Let us customize our crew, our ship. You know, the thing frigging STAR TREK should be about. Let me decide where my BOFFs shall sit on the bridge.

5. While we are at it: give my ship's interior some purpose. I'm not talking about more DOFF-stuff (you know, the "mini game" requiring me to click through the same menu over and over again which somehow shall create the illusion that there is something to do)

6. Give us civillian/diplomatic missions. We aren't Space Marines. Play "Star Trek - 25th Anniversary" or "A final Unity" for inspiration.

7. Reduce the number of "enviromental NPCs" crowding social areas. You know what I'm talking about...

8. Why did you remove the feature to show our toons and their bio via the website? You know, for the people who actually gave a damn...

9. The music is too repetative.

10. I'm tired now.
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Originally Posted by angrytarg View Post
We aren't Space Marines.
Pfft, speak for yourself, there's a reason my main character's name is Astarte.

...Though, to be fair, I'd be a Sister of Battle instead of Astartes, due to my actual gender, but no one would recognize "Sororitas" (Space Marines are Adeptus Astartes, Battle Sisters are Adepta Sororitas [And all this is from Warhammer 40k]), so...

You're doing great, guys, let's keep the ball rolling! What else irks you about this game?

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07-29-2012, 12:26 PM
This is great that people are listing what irks them about this game in an attempt to get Cryptic to address some of these issues. However, Cryptic will take one of two approaches to the paper cut:

1. Cryptic will place a bandaid over the paper cut so they can ignore it without having to actually deal with it.

2. Cryptic will completely ignore the paper cut until the pain goes away (ie people give up and stop voicing their displeasure about a given issue).
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The devs know what the problems are with this game. They simply don't have the skill, resources or inclination to fix them.

And if they don't know, that just proves their incompetence even more. If they are so insulated from their own game they are completely unaware of its bugs etc then it begs the question what exactly they are working with if not the game.
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The majority of my beef has to do with character building. Simply put this game has an extremely broad number of options but does little with it. I will elaborate.

- Gear choices lack meaningful effect. A ship should feel very different in combat when using various shields/deflector/weapon types but does not. It is all determined by the boff abilities you are packing.

- Lack of gear options like kits. I can never find a ground kit I like for any character.

- Very few low rank boff space powers available or desirable. Is there anyone who doesn't use tac team with an ensign tac or epower to shields with their engineer?

- I find it silly to have 2 copies of the same boff ability on my toolbar. If I have 2 Epower to shield I's can't they just share the same slot? I swear every ship I fly has atleast 3 abilities that are double copies of the same and it gets annoying in combat when it starts I press 1, 2, 3. Then 15 seconds later Shift 1, Shift 2, Shift 3. Rinse and repeat.

- Lack of consistency. Hull heal skill console grants less skill bonus than the Shield heal one. Why?

- Under-Utilization of existing content/systems. All this sweet custom gear from FEs, specific missions, etc that level up to VA but thats it. I was hoping with the fleet store, dilithium store, something, you would be able to upgrade them to Mk 12. This can also be expanded to no reason to run missions/dailies on elite and various other things added to the game and then forgot about.

- Forced Paths for some Rewards. Dilithium was done properly because of the variety of ways to obtain it. Solo, foundry, doffs, STFs, etc etc. But it started with the STF rewards, Romulan Set, and is now expanded to fleet marks. You want them you must do 5 man missions. Or Nukara but i'm not touching that.

- Time Gates are annoying. I'm looking at you Vault mission.

- While the PuG 5 man grinds for shinies appeal to one part of the player base, another part would really like to know when the next FE will be here.

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