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# 1 PvE Queues Bugged
07-29-2012, 01:46 PM
Have been trying all weekend to go in with fleet mates to do STFs or the fleet mark events with no success.

My fleet uses Ventrilo so we can all audibly confirm that we are all in queue and none of us are map moving or anything out of the ordinary.

We are all chilling in DS9, have a clear PvE queue board, and we audibly confirm we are in the queue when the team leader queues us.

Team sizes range from 2 to 4 members. We have not tried just making a private match with 5 people as have not had 5 online at the same time that are able to do it (let the trolling begin).

What happens is one or two will have the queue pop for them, but NOT for the whole team, OR we all get the queue and all hit engage, but not all the team members make it into the match.

If in in a team of four two people get the queue but not the other two, if the first two let it time out waiting for the other two to get it, THEN the second two will get the queue.

I can't even begin to troubleshoot this. I don't think it is anything we are doing wrong, but something behind the scenes in the PvE queue system.

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