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I've been on the hunt for some headphones that can be pushed by my iPhone 4S (32ohms) without an amplifier and still sound decent. I went out on my quest and tried out the Beats Solo HD. They sounded good however they are extremely bass heavy for my 'taste'. I was also looking at some V-MODA Crossfade M80's but the price of those was $80 more expensive that these.

These headphones have excellent highs and mids, flat frequency response! Bass is dependant on the song type you are playing but it sounds great, not muddy. Low-lows, yes these little headphone can hit them. Vocals sound amazing, very clear!

Volume at 30% on iPhone 4S, no background noise! I cranked it all the way up and very little distortion!!!

The first song I tested these babys on was 'The Gardener' By: Marilyn Manson of the new 'Born Villian' album. I had no idea there were even back up vocals on this song. I heard a lot of sounds I've never heard before. For example there ARE cymbals on the drums being lightly played in the background.

Outstanding build quality. The leather head band feels real but I don't think it is. The part that sits on your head is a microfiber soft foam band thats is very comfortable. Speaking of that, the ear cushions are just hands down the best. They feel like pillows on your ears. I'm going on 4 hours now and I'm wearing them as I type this. I literaly forgot that was wearing them.

So four stars (4/5) overall only because the cable is not removable/replacable and not 'L' shaped, no 1/4" adapter and it has black ear cushions (I have the white ones to match my phone).

My opinion, get them. They're "on sale" at Amazon but don't be fooled by the over inflated price these do not start at $179.99 they are $149.99 even on the Skullcandy store. None the less I'd tell people to get them!!!!

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