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07-31-2012, 03:56 PM
Originally Posted by warbound72488 View Post
Hello TOS Veterans! I have a question about your fleet!

I may have misread, but I beleive you all run ships and characters outfitted in the traditional TOS Style. I am curious.

This is something that I can see being easy with your ground characters.

How do you run T5 Ships that conform to the TOS mindset you're utilizing? Weapons are easy enough, yes, but again....I'm very curious about the ships. Thanks for any answers you give!

Hi Warbound,
a great question, and the simple answer is "no" We have a back story to our fleet, that most players confirm to in some way shape or form that places the origins of the majority of our characters in the TOS era. All based our around our current era and a Section 31 Program called Project Christopher...

As with all things this is not "mandatory"... we also have the same backstory that enables characters from Enterprise/TOS/Movie/TNG/DS9 era's and even the animated series to join in.

So we use modern T5 ships; some, though not all of us, use the TOS Dress code... many of us own the Connie and or D7 we have a sister fleet in the TOS Qan Mang, and some of us roleplay in TOS era, or run fleet events designed to use the Connie or the D7/Excelcisor.

But mostly it is the "series" we grew up with; and so it has a special place in our hearts...

You definately can play the Exeter (with a Movie Connie Skin) quite late into the game with uprated weapons, shields etc... , but it becomes quite challenging... but if you are taking on the Borg give me my Trusty Defiant

Hope that helps
Richard Silk, EU Liaison Officer, TOS Veterans Fleet

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