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07-31-2012, 10:15 PM
Here's the build that I've been running normal STFs on. It's for an Armitage with an Engi captain. Work in progress, as I'm still grinding the gear I want before taking it to elite.

Fore: Polaron DHC x3, Quantum torp x1 (will switch to disruptors or AP, or phasers if I ever buy the Tac Escort Refit)
Aft: Polaron Turret x3 (sometimes switch out 1 turret for Tractor mines)

Engine/Shield/Deflector: Full Mk XI Jem'Hadar set (will switch to Borg/MACO when I change weapon types)

ENG: Neutronium x2, Borg Console
SCI: Field Generator, Field Emitter
TAC: Photon PDS, Polaron buff x2, Refire Chamber,

CDR TAC: Torp Spread, Can. Rapid Fire, Attack Pattern Beta, Attack Pattern Omega
LT TAC: Tactical Team, Torp High Yield (will probably replace with Can. Scatter Volley)
EN TAC: Tactical Team
LT SCI: Polarize hull, Tractor Beam (alternatively switched with Hazard Emitters/Transfer Shield Strength)
LT CDR ENG: Engineering Team 1, Reverse Shield Polarity, Emer. Power Shields 3

For Doffs I don't have any really good ones yet but for now I have a Tac Team recharge, Eng team recharge, brace for impact buff, general abilities recharge, and cannon recharge.

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