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08-01-2012, 12:09 AM
The stretchy cubes were annoying, but at least they didn't affect gameplay too badly (for me at least). But now we have Borg ships spawning inside the encryption nodes. You can't scan these nodes because the ship moves around inside the node to shoot you regardless of what side you move to (makes scanning all eight necessary nodes more difficult that it needs to be). You can't shoot at the stuck ships, but they can sure shoot at you. Manually targeting them will bring up the combat information, but weapons will not activate.

At first I only saw probes stuck like this. No big deal... buff shields and hull, hit evasive maneuvers, and run away. Now spheres and cubes are getting stuck too. A sphere can mangle you pretty bad while you're trying to run; a cube can just kill you outright, particularly if you're running an escort.

Please fix this before it becomes a total game-breaking bug. The Ker'rat daily is one I particularly enjoy, and it's swiftly becoming unplayable.
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