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While testing Mines with Dispersal Pattern Beta 3, I noticed the following:

If you use a dispersal Pattern on a tricobalt Mine, it puts the Mine on the usual 15 Second Global cool down, but the Mine is still usable. So you could use a Second Dispersal Pattern + Tricobalt Mine, or just Deploy it by it's self and then place it on it's 60 Second Cool down.

Steps to Reproduce:
1: Equip a Tricobalt Mine and a Dispersal Pattern
2: Activate the Dispersal Pattern and Deploy the Tricobalt Mine
3: Watch the Mine once it's Deployed. The 15 Second Global Cool down will tick down.
4: Once Global Cool down is finished ticking down, either
A: Trigger another Dispersal Pattern
B: Deploy the Tricobalt Mine to place it on it's Normal Cool down.

What I expected to happen:
Using a Deployment Pattern would put the Tricobalt Mine on it's 60 Second cool down.
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08-01-2012, 01:59 AM
Great report. Thanks for being thorough!
Jeremy Randall
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