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# 1 Error with Photonic Officer
08-01-2012, 04:42 AM
I already submitted a bug report about this, but I thought I would post it here too, as I would hope more people (especially Sci captains) would want this fixed too.

I recently put a ship together that had 3 very rare Photonic Studies Scientists, and a commander science officer with Photonic Officer 1, 2, and 3. The idea is that I would be able to chain Photonic Officer together and get faster cooldowns on all my other abilities.

However whenever one copy of Photonic Officer is activated, it puts all other copies you have on FULL cooldown. Meaning you can't chain them together, you have to wait for all 3 copies to come of the same, shared cooldown.

I would like to see it changed so whenever one copy of Photonic Officer is activated, it puts all other copies of itself on a *fixed* 60 second cooldown. I emphasize *fixed* because this shared cooldown on copies of Photonic Officer should not be reduced by the effect of Photonic Officer. Basically, it should be immune to the effect of its own ability.

This would allow Sci captains with the right setup to chain it together, as it lasts for 60 seconds, and this 60 second cooldown would prevent you from stacking copies on top of each other, and obtaining absurd things like a 50% or more reduction on cooldowns.

Secondly, I found that Photonic Officer doesn't work on the shared cooldowns of other abilties. To explain let me detail the following scenario:

You have Photonic Officer 3 and High Yield Torpedo 1 and 2. You activate Photonic Officer 3 and activate High Yield Torpedo 1. High Yield Torpedo 1 gets put on a ~23 second cooldown as its cooldown is reduced by Photonic Officer. However High Yield Torpedo 1 puts High Yield Torpedo 2 on a 15 second shared cooldown. Since this 15 second shared cooldown is not reduced by Photonic Officer, it ruins the whole point of accelerating your chained abilities with Photonic Officer.

I would like to see the shared cooldown timers of OTHER duplicate abilities (shared cooldowns on torpedoes, beam weapons, emergency power abilities, etc.) to also be reduced by Photonic Officer. This would allow you to use Photonic Officer to its full effect, by chaining other abilities together faster.

However I want to stress that duplicates of Photonic Officer should be put on a *fixed* 60 second cooldown whenever one copy of Photonic Officer is activated. This prevents any possibility of an overlap that would lead to absurd cooldown times.

At this point, Photonic Officer really isn't worth the ability slot, as it is just broken. However I think once fixed, it would lead to a new Science ship archetype that focuses on chaining low-level non-science abilities. I think the fact that in order to make it work you need to use your high-level science slots combined with stacking 3 space duty officers for this one ability, wouldn't make it overpowered. In fact, it still still might not perform as well as a science ship using conventional science abilities such as gravity well or viral matrix, but I think we should have the option to use this type of skill build if we want.

Thanks for reading. If you want me to clarify anything, let me know.

*EDIT: In case any devs are reading this, the reference number for my support ticket is 120731-000551.

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