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# 1 planetside 2
07-29-2012, 01:42 PM
just wondering how many will switch from sto to ps2 when it comes out. it gonna be free to play just like sto but have bigger battles and more stuff going boom then to borg can shake a cube at.
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08-01-2012, 04:53 AM
I'll be there. I played Planetside 1 for a bit, so looking forward to the new game. Just keep moving because my sniper rifle sees all who stand still :p
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08-01-2012, 04:58 AM
Been waiting for PS2 since 2006, got my PCGamer key ready to give me beta access in the coming weeks. It's going to be great and hopefully show how successful a F2P game with no pay 2 win attached can be.

It won't affect the STO playerbase, completely different genre's and its pretty clear that most people play STO because it's a Trek game.

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