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# 1 Elite Space STF Tactics Guide
08-01-2012, 02:46 PM
There are some guides introducing you Elite STFs, but the space tactics are not good in most, for example this. So we decided to share ours.
For Space Elite STFs our fleet developed a tactic that can work for almost all PUGs.

One or two escort is beneficial for taking the optional. Without escorts we don't have enough DPS for optional, but we can manage the entire STFs without complications. However the tactics vary upon a bit that how many high-DPS vessels we have. And one science is beneficial too with good crowd-control abilities.
The essence of our tactics is the continous teamwork! We must take care of the others...

Cure Space Elite:

If we have one or more high-DPS vessel (Dreadnought with DCs or an escort), one of them can defend from two nearby lanes (left and middle for example) effectively. While the one guarding, everybody else focus' on left or right probes/ships.
In case we don't have any high-DPS vessel, two lesser-DPS are assigned to defend helping each other. And we give more focus on when we spawn the Negh'var and Raptor at each shipyards. Other details of the tactics remain the same.
We destroy the lower probes, and we prepare for the Negh'Var and Raptor. During this we don't allow BoPs to getting through us. After managing the probes we left the cube and switching lanes with the defender. So we go to the other further shipyard, allowing the defender to have two nearby lanes furthermore. I should warn that we DON'T destroy the cube when probes at one side gone. It just makes mess. Defending from BoPs from two lanes is easier than Raptors/Negh'Vars from two/one side. Of course accidents can happen when somebody summons a Dreadnought that can destroy the cube, but be aware.
When we manage the second shipyard we go to the middle. In this case the defender will have to take two lanes far away, so we need to watch over if the defender needs help.
When all probes gone, we destroy the middle cube.
Then the group splits up to deal with the Raptors. If there is only one science vessel it picks the longer lane alone for slowing down the enemy to gain time for the others to destroy the Raptors. (If two escorts are there, one of them can help the science). When one group of Raptors gone, we immediately rush towards to the remaining group.
So we will have the left and right Shipyard/Cube. The former defender remains on this duty.
Others destroy the second cube then rush to the last cube. From then we hail the Kang, destroy the carrier, the usual tale. However we should take care of carrier's fighters, because they can be quite annoying. Placing a Gravity Well under them is advisable.

Infected Space Elite:
The 10% tactics is not a wise tactic. The basic idea that not allowing the Spheres to get to the Transformer is good. But it needs at least one escort for destroying the Transformer in time.
I think i don't have to detail the beginning.
Also i don't have to mention that we don't use the 10% tactic.
There are some scenarios that vary the tactics.
If we have science officer, we assign it for slowing down the Nanites. If an escort can help, it should help. If not, one or two more teammate should help destroying the Nanites.
If we don't have science officer, we assign two or three higher-DPS person defending from Nanites.
However this makes destroying the generator slower, but we won't have to fight the remaining 42972 Spheres...
After that we do the same with the other Transformer.
The main advantage of this that whe we finish the second Transformer we will have the Gate and the Tactical Cube only, instead of Gate, Tactical Cube and tons of Spheres caused by 10% tactic.
We pick the Tactical Cube first then the gate. Crippling the Tactical Cube is advisable, draining it's energy, shutting down it's weaponry, shields...

Kithomer Accord Space Elite:
The usual one-four split-up is not too good. After destroying one gate, at the other gate we will have to fight groups of Spheres too, not just the Probes.
Instead we split-up into two-three.
One of each group is assigned to defending (the higher-DPS or the science officer if exists), others on destroy duty.
The group of two destroys one Transformer/Cube, and starts the other Transformer, but doesn't spawn the Cube if can't destroy the Cube alone. We wait for someone from the other side. Or a Tank can spawn it, or a high-DPS escort to deal with it if capable.
The group of three can manage to destroy the two Transformers. One of them goes to other side helping it.
After that the one of the former three person group who remained it's original side starts shooting the gate, but not destroying it. We are trying to destroy the gates at the same time.
The former two person group gain one more player allowing them to catch-up.
If we couldn't destroy the gates at the same time, we rush to the other side to destroy the remaining gate.
Dealing with Donatra:
Because she can cloak we should use some Gravity Wells, Tractor Beams, Disabling systems (Beam target, or Tricobalts) to lengthen the time between cloaks.
And another trick is to fire a Tricobalt Torpedo when Donatra is going to cloak. If we are lucky, the Tricobalt hits Donatra when she decloaks and firing her BFG (Big ****ing Gun), so it can disable it.

Questions & Answers:

Q: [General] What other equipment apart from proper weaponry do I need?
A: Engine batteries and Weapon batteries. These can save you or the optional, Weapon battery significantly boost your DPS for a short time, and they are cheap. We highly recommend it for escorts.

Q: [General] How i can defend myself easily?
A: Move, the faster you move, the higher your defense is.

Q: [General] How i can maximize my damage?
A: If you have Cannons, stay closer than 5km range. It adds some damage bonus.

Q: [CSE] Why don't you destroy the cube?
A: Because defending from more BoPs is easier than less Raptors/Negh'Vars. A BoP usually can't cause lot damage to Kang if it can go close to it. A single Raptor or Negh'Var can destroy it.

Q: [CSE] Why this left-right-middle / right-left-middle sequence and not continous?
A: Because it allows the defender to have two nearby lanes which can be defended easier. The defender won't have to fly much. For example a high-DPS Cruiser can't turn much.

Q: [CSE] Why don't you bring down the Cubes to 10%?
A: Because the Cubes can regen itself. And a high-DPS vessel can accidentally destroy the Cube with one or two packs of critting torpedo.

Q: [ISE] Why don't you use 10% tactic?
A: Because at each finished Transformer we have to fight with tons of Spheres, and at the a second Transformer we get the Tactical Cube and Gate too. Two of them is enough, we don't need Spheres too. And the 10% rule can be broken accidentally with one or two critting torpedos.

Q: [ISE] Why blowing up the Tactical Cube first?
A: Because it's more dangerous than the gate. And if we manage to blow-up the Cube nearby the Gate, it seriously damages the Gate. Or if we start with the Gate, one Tank should get away with the Cube.

Q: [KASE] Can i spawn the cube alone?
A: Usually not recommended. In case if you can tank or destroy the Cube without dying, yes. If you aren't sure, don't spawn it. If you die, the Cube will rush to others.

Q: [KASE] Can i defend the two sides at a time?
A: Even with a mad, brutal, butcher escort (Guramba, Defiant, Jem'Hadar Attack Ship, Heavy Escort Carrier etc.) is a hard task. So usually don't recommend it, you can try it, but will need some help.

Q: [KASE] How i can defend myself from Donatra?
A: When she fires her BFG, get away. You can't survive it's attack. And don't stay under Donatra, because she damages under it's displayed range. From her Torpedo Spread, prepare Tactical Team and other shield heals, and Brace for Impact! Must have.

Q: [KASE] How i can destroy Donatra?
A: Lengthen the time between cloaks. Use Gravity Wells, Tyken Rifts, Tractor Beams, System disables to achieve it. And fire a Tricobalt when she cloaks. If you are lucky, it will hit right when she decloaks, so she won't able to fire. If you knock Donatra assumed place, it will decloak for a moment for you, you can shoot it.
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08-02-2012, 12:19 PM
Your Cure guide is good. Although if you're forming a group, make sure you have a high DPS player who can defend the Kang (or the 'lanes' leading to it from the shipyards not under attack as you put it) by themselves. Two players doing that is a waste of one player.

Your KA guide seems workable, although it's not the method I use.

I don't agree with your Infected tactics. What you're basically doing is slowing yourself down by splitting the team between destroying the Transformer and dealing with the Nanites. On a mission that has a timer in it. If you have all five players on the Transformer and you destroy the generators at roughly the same time, which is what the 10% method is designed to do, then all five players can focus on the transformer once it can be damaged and destroy it well before the nanite spheres and probes get close enough. And you don't have to fight the Nanite Spheres and Tac Cube simultaneously after blowing up the second transformer because they're not part of the same mob. So if you attack a sphere, the Tac Cube won't aggro (ie. become 'active' and attack players) unless you get too close to it or accidentally hit it with an AoE attack, which shouldn't happen because the sphere mob should be 6-7km closer to where the team is than the Cube.

If the Cube's not aggroed, you should blow up the gate when the spheres are down. Go around the back of it to avoid aggroing the Cube. Remember the Tac Cube spawns within range of the gate, so if you attack the Tac Cube first, you'll be fighting both it and the gate, at least for a few seconds, before you can drag the Tac Cube out of range. If it aggros, then yeah, take it out before the gate. But if it doesn't, take out the gate first.

Weapon battery significantly boost your DPS for a short time, and they are cheap. We highly recommend it for escorts.
Escorts should be running 125/xx weapon power all the time anyway. Weapons battery is a waste on one. Cruisers who'd be running high shields and aux for healing and tanking would have more use for it.

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# 3 Intersting...
08-02-2012, 05:13 PM
You have some interesting tactics they should work well but there are ways to improve them and increase your overall success. I'm sure how your doing it is good but there is always room for improvement. Here are some Tactics that we use in our 5man, if you like our tactic feel free to use any part or all. Right now my best time doing this is a little over 7mins for a complete kill of all 3 cubes. Since the DPS dont have to worry about AGRO/HATE on the cube they can close to within 5 Km so their weapons do much more damage.

5 Man - 3-4 DPS and 0-1 TANK and 0-1 HEALER
INTRO- We also kill the CUBE's last, we simply manage threat on the Cubes and Birds of Pray a little different. We brake our group in to a DEFENSE TEAM of 2 people preferable 1 DPS and 1 TANK or HEALER and ATTACK TEAM of 3 people preferable 3 DPS.

TACTIC - Generally we work from LEFT to RIGHT on Probes, then RIGHT to LEFT on CUBES.

DEFENSE TEAM ROLE - The Defense Team had 2 Primary and 1 secondary roles. The First role is to manage the threat on the CUBE's, if the CUBE is targeting someone out of range it will ignore the DPS attacking the PROBE's. As long as the DPS do not get stupid and attack the CUBE directly they will be safe attacking the probes. The Second role is to manage the Birds of Pray from the two cubes not being engaged by the ATTACK TEAM. The Third role and a secondary role is to assist in killing the Raptor/Negh`Var when they spawn, this is secondary and the tank should never put himself at risk to assist with this.

ATTACK TEAM ROLE - The Attack Team has 2 primary roles, first is killing Probes and Bird of Pray from the CUBE they are engaging. The second role is to kill the Raptor/Negh`Var when they spawn.

DEFENSE TEAM - Tank goes to the RIGHT CUBE and makes an intial pass to gain AGRO/HATE on his way to the CENTER BOP's. The DPS goes to the LEFT BOP on his way to the CENTER BOP's.

ATTACK TEAM - DPS go to the RIGHT BOP then on to the RIGHT PROBES

DEFENSE TEAM - The Tank will work on building threat on the CUBES wile assisting the DPS with Birds of Pray from the CENTER/LEFT. Assist with the Raptor/Negh`Var if possible.

ATTACK TEAM - Kills the Probes and the Birds of Pray from the CUBE they are engaging. When the the Raptor/Negh`Var spawn they will burn down them down quickly, then finish off the remaining probes.

DEFENSE TEAM - The Tank will work on building threat on the CUBES wile assisting the DPS with Birds of Pray from the RIGHT/LEFT. Assist with the Raptor/Negh`Var if possible.

ATTACK TEAM - Kills the Probes and the Birds of Pray from the CUBE they are engaging. When the the Raptor/Negh`Var spawn they will burn down them down quickly, then finish off the remaining probes.

DEFENSE TEAM - The Tank will work on building threat on the CUBES wile assisting the DPS with Birds of Pray from the RIGHT/CENTER. Assist with the Raptor/Negh`Var if possible.

ATTACK TEAM - Kills the Probes and the Birds of Pray from the CUBE they are engaging. When the the Raptor/Negh`Var spawn they will burn down them down quickly, then finish off the remaining probes.

DEFENSE TEAM - When the LEFT CUBE is blow the 2 DEFENDERS will move to the FAR RIGHT and engage the Raptors that spawn there.

ATTACK TEAM - Will clean up any Birds of Pray still lingering around and break for the Raptors at the Center Cube.

DEFENSE TEAM - Will work on killing the raptors that spawn and ASSIST killing the cube if they have free time. When the CENTER CUBE blows they will break and intercept the Negh'Var's that spawn at the RIGHT CUBE

ATTACK TEAM - Kill the CENTER CUBE and assist with any Raptors is necessary. When the CENTER CUBE blows they will clean up any RAPTORS and move to assist the DEFENCE TEAM on the Negh`Var's.

DEFENSE TEAM - Kill and Negh`Var's that spawn and assist in killing the CUBE.

ATTACK TEAM - Kill the CUBE and assist in killing any Negh'Var's

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