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Do you want:
  • . . . free stuff for your new developing character? Or even for you lvl 50 char?
  • . . . to know how to make easy Dilithium, easy EC or easy FMs?
  • . . . to buy great stuff for half (or even less) the EC they cost in the exchange?
  • . . . a fleet leader which is almost always online and replies all your messages?
  • . . . to be "part of the group" no matter how "not so good" you are?
  • . . . to win a free trip to a great RL party, if Seltek wins the RL Lottery?
  • . . . to contribute to build a great and happy fleet?
  • . . . to be recognized for your contributions?
  • . . . to have fun while you do those things?

If you answered yes, or even maybe for some (or all) the questions above, join us today, the Brotherhood is your place in STO.

If your answers were all no, what the ! You are a . . . but even so, the Brotherhood will accept you . . . at least for some time . . . perhaps for a long time . . .

Brotherhood Council Member

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