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Originally Posted by andyslash View Post
this is more or less for fleet actions. I have a main ship an escort. Im just doing this for ****s and giggles to see if it was even viable or even worth it. I can easily switch the jem stuff for my retro borg gear. Maco is not worth the grind in my opinion. Also in my dreadnought ive obliterated everything in stfs. so cruisers are an option. Also i havent lost any fleet actions with this ship either.
PVE content is really not a good measurement for ship builds...Only PVP is, any setup that works good in PVP is excellent in any PVE environment.

I agree that a full maco is not worth grinding for...but the shield is most definately. Combined with 3 borg pieces it's the best setup, if you are not running something special like polarons or science drain ships.

Also are STF's and fleet event/actions no measurement for your ships performance, since it is not a closed environment that excludes any buffs, debuffs, dmg from other players.
Only 1vs1 PVP can offer you that.

this tool will help you

appart from some vital informations missing (BOFFs, Skilltree), the setup has flaws, even if it is just for giggles.

you asked for thoughts on your build, here they are. I can guarantee your performance will improve if you follow not only my advice.

PS: i took the liberty, to play around with this tool
i didn't go for threat controle, because i thought you wouldn't wanna tank with a tactical captain.
for PVP i suggest to change acceton beam with extend shields and attack pattern beta with delta. (in that case skilling attack patterns would be smart...3-6 points) OR use FAW2 in that slot.
Go pro or go home

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