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08-02-2012, 07:42 AM
Originally Posted by thumapp View Post
I must say, I really don't like this idea. While I'm not against procs or crits, I really think debuff clearing shouldn't be up to chance. When I'm debuffed I don't want to hope that I'm being cleared, I want to know it.

But maybe that's just me.
If you don't like debuffs, bring a proper counter. I hate that TT1 removes APB3, FOMM3 and such very easily. You hate the fact you wouldn't be able to reliably remove debuffs, I hate the fact that some captain or cmd. ranked abilities are reliably removed by ensing rank ability spammage.

Beside, all current counters clear debuffs for their whole duration, so even with my suggestion they would remove it, it could just take few seconds if you try to clear high ranked ability with low ranked counter not just instantly. Which would add a risk / opportunity cost for some counters. Right now, it is a no-brain choice.

But I guess, people prefer dull combat, when everyone has 2 copies of TT to clear all tactical debuff and distribute shields, to have HE to clear every possible hazzard and such so some stupid debuff does not interfere with DMG vs HEAL contest.

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