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The 10th Fleet Marine Recon was founded by several STO veterans. We have experience in all facets of the game. We have a crafter that can craft what you may need. Fleet Officers will be there to assist you. We run stf's (Ground & Space), Fleet Action, Events our Officers help in Episode, Ship builds, outfitting, plus anything eles you might need Assistance with. The 10th F.M.R has some rules to be followed if you join.

1) Always be nice and classy to other fleet members.

2) It is unacceptable to inpersinate an officer of the 10th F.M.R.

3) Fleet chat must be clean no fowl language.

4) Always wear your fleet uniform in front of an F.M.R officers.

5) No stealing from the fleet bank.( which means taking from the bank and selling it on the exchange for your own personal gain).

(also there is a 20 day probationary period when you start. This is only 20 days or sooner depending on your performance.)

Recruiting Message

They are few who move towards the sound of chaos. Ready to repond to all threats, and when the time comes be the first to move towards the sound of tyranny, injustice & despair. They are forged in the crucible of training and the fire of war. They are few, The proud, The Starfleet 10th fleet Marine Recon. ENLIST TODAY! Accepting All Active STO player.

Constantis ab Fidelis

Constant and Faithful

Co-Corp Marshal Seth Moore

Co-Corp Marshal Tasker Blades

facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/christopher.kirk.161446

please contact Schorr@schorrkurisu14 in the game or xthfleetmarinerecon@gmail.com

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