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Here are the release notes for the Foundry again.

We have re-enabled the editor, but for now, reviews remain disabled. We want to give the authors a chance to fine tune their missions with the new features.

  • Resolved issues with purchasing additional Foundry project slots.
  • There are some projects that will need to be edited before they can be republished, but most of them will auto-republish just fine.
    • It is no longer possible to use multiple maps inside a "Complete All".
      • Projects with this will go through the auto-republish, but the associated Unfinished Tasks must be resolved before an author can manually republish.
  • Projects with the following issues will not auto-republish:
    • We resolved an issue that incorrectly allowed "Whole Map" to be used as a valid "Leave From" selection on Cryptic maps.
    • Note that it's still a valid selection for custom maps.
    • A few projects have NPC Groups associated with "Kill" objectives that are not "Enemy" allegiance -- this is not working as intended and will now correctly result in an Unfinished Task.
  • Multi-select has been added!
    • Left-click now defaults to multi-select.
      • This is changeable in the Map menu.
    • Middle-click and space+left-click pan the map.
  • There are additional behaviors available for contacts and NPC groups.
    • Have fun!
  • The controls in the costume editor have been updated.
  • Image previews for ground objects and contacts are now in 3D.
    • It's a known issue that some of the image previews are cropped incorrectly for contacts.
  • Mission flow has been changed.
    • ;
    • Rather than having map transitions created automatically, an author needs to manually place them.
    • All objectives must be placed on a map.
    • Maps cannot be placed inside Complete Alls.
  • Added the ability to have no interact time for interact objectives.
  • The name displayed in the reticle for interact objects is now labeled with the actual name specified for that object in the map editor.
    • Authors will probably want to rename the objects and contacts they've placed, since players will now see what used to be a private name.
  • The preview image for some of the alien artifacts no longer includes a bounding cylinder.
  • The backdrop Template "Interior Sky Starfleet 01" now works with the Utopia Planitia map.
  • Updated the Utopia Planitia Foundry Map template.
  • Removed the glass doors.
    • Replaced the abominable starship with a single Nova class.
    • Added the Utopia Planitia backdrop template to the Foundry.
  • Dialog popups can no longer be set to "Objective Complete".
    • This unintended feature never actually functioned as expected.
    • Authors can use "Component Complete" instead".
  • You can now put titles over people's portraits in dialogue boxes.
  • Text input boxes that have a character limit now display the character limit.
  • The map object limit has been raised to 475, and the building limit has been increased to 64.
  • You can now sort your map objects by type, name, usage and unfinished task.
  • Unfinished Tasks in the Story tab now say Story instead of Mission.
  • The doors to the ready rooms on the Prometheus and Olympic bridges are now open.
  • The following custom costumes have been updated to display correctly:
    • Corsair Flight Deck Carrier
    • Dacoit Flight Deck Carrier
    • Phalanx Science Vessel
    • Draguas Support Vessel
  • Added new maps to use as templates:
    • Ground:
      • Bajor
      • Bortas Bridge
      • Coliseum
      • Earth Spacedock -- newer version
      • Cardassian Galor Bridge
      • Defiant Bridge 02
      • Defiant Ship Interior
      • Ferengi D'Kora Bridge
      • Drozana Station -- 23rd Century
      • Facility 4028
      • Hfihar
      • Jem'Hadar Bridge
      • Nopada Desert
      • Odyssey Bridge
      • Orith
  • Space:
    • Mercury
    • Venus
    • Mars
    • Jupiter
    • Saturn
    • Uranus
    • Neptune
    • Pluto
    • Sol System -- newer version
  • Added new backdrops:
    • Bajor Ground at Sunset
    • Bortas Bridge
    • Brea Ground
    • Earth Spacedock -- newer version
    • Hfihar Ground
    • Mars
    • Nopada Desert Day
    • Nopada Desert Night
    • Orith Ground
    • Sol System -- newer version
  • Added the following items to the Detail objects.
    • Starfleet Coffin Torpedo 01
    • Military Turret 01
    • Horta Egg Pile 01
    • Single Horta Egg
    • Mining Cart 01-03
    • Coliseum Weapon Rack 01-03
    • Coliseum Lights 01-04
    • Glass War Map
    • Space Station Hatch 01
    • Glass - Panel - Defiant Class Schematic - Ventral
    • Glass - Panel - Defiant Class Schematic - Dorsal
    • Glass - Panel - Defiant Class Schematic - Fore/Aft
    • Glass - Panel - Defiant Class Schematic - Starboard
    • Glass - Panel - Odyssey Class Schematic - Ventral
    • Glass - Panel - Odyssey Class Schematic - Dorsal
    • Glass - Panel - Odyssey Class Schematic - Fore/Aft
    • Glass - Panel - Odyssey Class Schematic - Starboard
    • Glass - Panel - Starfleet Corps of Engineers
    • Glass - Panel - Fleet Modernization Program
    • Glass - Panel - Starfleet Applied Sciences
    • Glass - Panel - Starfleet Starship Design
    • Glass - Panel - Utopia Planitia 01
    • Shelf - Glass - Black 01-02
    • Banner - Utopia Planitia 01-02
    • Banner - Odyssey Class Ship
    • Banner - Starfleet Starship Design
    • Banner - Romulan Civilian
    • Banner - Starfleet Tactical Command
    • Banner - Starfleet Applied Sciences
    • Banner - Starfleet Corps of Engineers
    • Banner - Dervish Class Starship
    • Banner - Prometheus Starship
    • Banner - Galaxy Class Starship
    • Banner - Excalibur Class Starship
    • Banner - Luna Class Starship
    • Banner - Intrepid Starship
    • Statue - Romulan 01

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