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Unfortunately I wasn't able to fit my review of all 5 tiers of Fleet Ships in one post, so here's a second one. To look at how my rating system works or to see tiers 1-3, click the link below:


Anyway, since this thread is just a continuation of the first one, I'll just jump right in.

=== KDF Tier 4 ===

Hoh'Sus Bird-of-Prey
Benchmark: Hegh'Ta Bird-of-Prey
Rating: ***

The Hoh'Sus Bird-of-Prey is a ship that performs very similarly to the Hegh'Ta, but it has noticeably better firepower. Have a look:

Pros: +1 Tactical Console.
Cons: -1 Engineering Console, -6% Hull, -25% Crew.

An extra tactical console means that the Hoh'Sus has almost the same offensive power as a Qin Raptor (it just has one aft weapon less). However this comes at the cost of an engineering console; this combined with the reduced hull rating means that this BoP has less staying power than a Hegh'Ta. Win or lose, whatever fight you are in with this ship is going to be over faster than with the Hegh'Ta.

If you like flying Birds-of-Prey but wish that they had more punch then this one should definitely be on your shopping list (unless you plan on getting the Fleet version - see below). On the other hand, if you find the lack of durability of a Bop to be frustrating then you probably shouldn't bother with this one.

I was tempted to give this one a **** rating, and it should probably be about 3.5 stars instead of 3, though I wanted to stick with whole numbers. The loss of the 6% hull isn't that drastic, but when combined with the loss of an engineering console it makes for a noticable drop in survivability. If the Hoh'Sus gave up a science console instead of engineering it definitely would have been **** in my books. Of course, if you fly BoPs as a Sci officer then this probably doesn't appeal to you either way.

Fleet Hoh'Sus Bird-of-Prey
Benchmark: Hegh'Ta Bird-of-Prey
Rating: ****

The Fleet Hoh'Sus Bird-of-Prey is essentially an up-gunned Hegh'Ta. It gets an extra tactical console and doesn't really lose anything in the exchange:

Pros: +1 Tactical Console, +3% Hull, +10% Shields.
Cons: -25% Crew.

The loss of 25% of your crew is no big deal, and meanwhile this BoP is more durable than the Hegh'Ta and the extra tac console means a significant increase in firepower. I know I am comparing this to a free ship and you have to pay to get it, but if I had made a comparison this good against a paid ship it would be five stars instead of four.

You might disagree if you don't want a BoP to be a damage-dealing ship. If you use a BoP as a science or engineering ship (having all universal slots allows that) then you should probably consider this to be a *** since the extra tactical console doesn't help you that much. But if you want a BoP with maximum DPS then this ship is definitely the one you want.

Fleet Negh'Var Retrofit
Benchmark: Negh'Var Battlecruiser
Rating: ****

Once again I'm comparing a paid ship to a free ship, which I don't like to do. But here the Negh'Var is the most obvious comparison. And though I'm not a big fan of the base Negh'Var, this ship is a nice change over the original:

Pros: +1 Engineering Console, +10% Shields, +10% Hull, Engineering Ensign bridge slot upgraded to Universal.
Cons: None.

The fact the the KDF's primary tank ship gets an extra engineering console and extra points in shield and hull makes this ship the KDF's #1 tank ship. It now has more shields than a Bortas'Qu and only slightly less hull.

But what really makes this ship stand out is the universal bridge slot. You can put an engineer there and fly it like a regular Negh'Var, or a tac officer and fly it like a Vor'Cha, or you could put a science officer there and fly it like a Mirror Universe battlecruiser. Suddenly all these other ship types become superfluous. If you like flying cruisers and want flexibility then this ship is definitely the ship for you. The only other ship that can compete is the Tor'Kaht which is a tactical/engineering hybrid. This ship is definitely an engineering ship first, but it can be used in a variety of ways.

=== KDF Tier 5 ===

Fleet Vo'Quv Carrier
Benchmark: Vo'Quv Carrier
Rating: ***

The Fleet Vo'Quv follows the same pattern as all the other ships which are a Fleet version of a level 40 free ship: more hull, shields, and one extra console:

Pros: +1 Tactical Console, +10% Hull, +10% Shields.
Cons: None.

It's unfortunate that the extra console is a tactical console, which doesn't do the Vo a whole lot of good since fighter damage is AFAIK not affected by consoles. Not that an extra console is bad; you can always put universal consoles there if you have any. But overall, though we do get an improvement over the Vo'Quv, you do have to pay $20 to get it, so I rate this ship as average. But if you have a Vo and love it then you should consider shelling out the $20 for this one.

On the other hand, if PWE ever makes a tac console that specifically improves fighter attacks then I would definitely change the rating of this ship to ****.

Bortas Cruiser Retrofit
Benchmark: Bortas'Qu Cruiser
Rating: ***

Most of the fleet vessels are improvements over existing ships, but not the Bortas. Instead, the Bortas is a way for free players to fly a ship that normally you have to shell out $25 bucks for. So as a free version of a paid ship, you might expect that this ship would not be as good as the paid version... if you did, you'd be right:

Pros: None.
Cons: -1 Console (type depending on configuration), no special abilities, Universal Ensign Bridge Slot downgraded to Engineering.

The Bortas'Qu is actually three different ships (one for each career type), and each one of those ships has a unique ability and an extra console slot based on career type, so basically we just lose those abilities as well as the universal Ensign slot (which becomes engineering).

Nevertheless the Bortas still has a universal Lt. Commander bridge slot, and a console configuration with four tac and four eng consoles, so it can tank well or attack well. The only problem is that it has a horribly low turn rate compared to other cruisers, which reduces your effective weapon choices, but then so does the Bortas'Qu. Overall I rate this ship as average. But if you always wanted a Bortas'Qu but didn't want to pay for it, this is how you get one.

Well, that's all the KDF fleet ships that I know about. Hope you enjoyed the review!

Peet Smi3th

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