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08-02-2012, 10:50 AM
Originally Posted by dma1986 View Post
EvE has 30 minutes every day (12:00-12:30 in the afternoon BST). Server downtime is a necessity, not just something the devs do for the sake of inconveniencing their players.

Oh, and OP. It's already back up. So it was only 3 hours and 37 minutes.
Yes, I know that, I played EVE for 5 years (some devs here could learn a couple things playing that game). I prefer to have 30 min or 1 hour down everyday, and slowing fixing things, then a 4 hour to fix stuff, and all the rest still remains.

There are bugs almost from BETA, that havent been resolved. There are problems in the C-Store for some players (me included) that players cannot get to all their characters an item that should be account unlocked. (tribble of borg for example).

The list goes on.

Sure we need new content, new stuff, to get the player base interested in the game, but sometimes, all I can see is rushing things, with no concern to the community or to fix serious issues that affects all. Its not just about fixing things on the Klingon side or Fed side, its fixing things on the whole game.

Since the last season, many people that I have talked to, complain about the same problems. The main on is the increase in graphical demand, and the low FPS. Not everyone have the will or money to put 4 video cards into a computer. Also, considering the graphic engine of STO, is nothing amazing from a player point of view, that only goes to one conclusion: they screw up.

I play games that are 3 or 4 times much more demanding in graphics, and all of them run very well. I can run for example, EVE online 1680x1050 full details and all options on with an average of 100 to 120 fps. Command and Conquer Tiberium Wars all to max, and that game is dam demanding in graphics.

I always run STO at full details, but now, no matter what I do, I get low fps on some situations. So, it is my computer or graphics engine screw up? I say it is the latter.

A patch is easy to implement, and I will not pretend that I know enough of IT to do it, I do understand there are other things to do besides the patch. The thing is, if they worked on a new patch to improve / fix things, many of them, at least of what they show to us, are not a big improvement.

The "capes" statement, was a ironic statement of my part. I do not critique because the fixes were for the Klingon side and the fedies did not got anything. Everyone knows the Klingon side have a lot of bugs, low content and so on.

My main concern affects everyone, no matter what side you play. They did screw up the graphics engine, and even if some of you do not notice because you have the best hardware money can buy, many of us dont. Still, like I said before, this is not just an excuse because I have a less powerful computer like many, I was able to play this game well, still can, but when too many stuff comes up its a nightmare, that does not happen in more demanding games.

I will not even go to the "new" content of the last season.... looks like it was made at a rush since it seams every 3 or 4 months there is a golden rule: no matter the bugs and the problems you must have new content. Thanks for not fixing the game, giving more bugs, new content and bringing even more new bugs. The only cool bug in this game is the ship.... (me be ironic).

The question is, what is more important for us, new content or fixing for once all the problems this game have for so long time, and the new bugs.

I prefer, personally of course, to go 6 months with no content, have a few patches that really fix the game.

Since you talked about eve online, have a look in the patch releases they do when they implement some new patch. You have almost 2 pages of fixes!
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08-02-2012, 12:01 PM
Originally Posted by kar1972 View Post
The question is, what is more important for us, new content or fixing for once all the problems this game have for so long time, and the new bugs.
New content is more important to me.

I find it difficult to believe you want bug fixes since the downtime they require annoys you so much, you also seem to be very selective as to what bugs you want fixed.
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08-03-2012, 06:28 AM
Originally Posted by cormoran View Post
New content is more important to me.

I find it difficult to believe you want bug fixes since the downtime they require annoys you so much, you also seem to be very selective as to what bugs you want fixed.
That is your opinion and we all have to respect it. So, no bug fixing and just new content, after 2 or 3 seasons will you still say the same thing when the game is full of bugs?

I seam selective as to what bugs to fix? Why should not I be? I sincerely doubt that I am the only player with a particular bug. Just because more then half of the player base do not care about these forums or complain about it, it does not mean they do not have problems.

As for me to be selective, is nothing, since I know other people that have similar problems.

All this resumes to one thing: Pressure from the PW Gods into the Devs to put a new season and new content into the game. Mistakes happens, it is human nature, and with that pressure, those mistakes turn into bugs for us.

I prefer quality then quantity.
New content? Yes, bring it on! But quality not just some "planet to hunt spiders" and thats it. (yes I am been ironic again, sorry).

Also, with all the excitement of the Starbases, did anyone noticed what is better in that? The ships, and it just a little bit difference. All the rest is to "fill our eyes". The gear? Common on....

Doffs? Their the same if I got to my bridge or my department window. Bank, email and exchange? They put everything in one place. Sure, some would say that is cool. Still, in the freighter you have all that and you do not need to walk so much.

I say, build a starbase just to get the ships, cause to be honest the rest isn't that good. Maybe, I am been too much harsh, maybe in the future things will change. Well, no one could say that 2 years ago the game will be like this. So maybe it will get better, after all, I am a optimistic person, even if I do not seam to.

If I sound harsh on my critiques and show disappointment in some areas of the game and the way things are done, is not because I hate all of it. I do it because I really love this game, I really care about it. I do understand PW have to make money, maintaining all this, servers, and people costs money, it is a business. Still, that does not mean I do not have to stay still and say nothing.

Of course I can be selective about some bugs, that I find really annoying. But, if there are a few bugs that annoy me, I bet those same bugs annoy many other players.

If some of you are happy with playing a game that is getting more bugs with each season, then good for you. Lets just wait untill we get another 4 or 5 seasons and we will see how many bugs gets into the game and how many old bugs get fixed.

To be honest, I think this game deserves a very serious bug hunting for once.

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