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# 1 Tour the Galaxy - no rewards?
08-01-2012, 09:03 AM
I did my first Tour the Galaxy event last night.
I am a LC and got an abbreviated version of the mission where I only have to do 4 sector blocks (or so).

I did the first circuit, handed it in and did not see that I got any rewards (certainly no ECs)
The second time I did the mission, I was watching and did not get anything.
The third time I did the circuit was likewise a null reward (certainly so far as EC go)

Does only the full tour mission give rewards?
It would certainly be demoralizing if I had to wait.
Join Date: Jul 2012
Posts: 3
# 2
08-03-2012, 12:46 PM
I tried this with a different starting out character.
Same result. No rewards.

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