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Because I don't play STF anymore. I thought I will try getting accolades. But this buggy game prevents me.
I wanted Resilient Prey accolade. It needs to Defeat 500 Hirogen and it gives 25 points.
I started with 484 defeated hirogens. I played "Hunting the hunters" for 3 times. Do you know what? My score is still 484 defeated hirogens I'm really desappointed about. Dev just are thinking making STF harder and pollute the game with gogo locked box. But they never fix bug.
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08-03-2012, 01:23 PM
Today I got this problem too, but with fek'ihri ships ??

i kill 300 ships, but the log show 25/200 see my dedication plaque
- NCC-511217-A
and Screenshot With Two Steps From Hell Music Mix
- Brazilian Fleet - lvl 20_Tier5 / Emb,DiliM,Spi lvl 9

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