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08-02-2012, 08:06 AM
My ships across the board all share the same name: U.S.S. Geminon NCC-BIRTHDAY
Gemini is my zodiacsign and I'm not that creative.
(And ya, I know about BSG)

One exception is the U.S.S. Madame Pompadour NCC-291221
It is flown by my Sci, and got named by my wife. And she took the name out of Doctor Who, because she likes the actress who played her.
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# 52
08-02-2012, 08:13 AM
I get a lot of my ship names from the old Jackill's Star Fleet Reference Manual. My Odyssey trio is named Concordat, Konkordium, Concordance. All words meaning an agreement, suitable names for a front line Federation starship.
My Romulan Liberated Borg character made it to Level 30 and beat the (old) Defense of New Romulus with the skill point bug.
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# 53 Ship names
08-02-2012, 08:14 AM
I didn't go original U.S.S YORKTOWN for one character and U.S.S. TEXAS for other. I have used the same ship name for all ships inside one character (Federation) with the -A, -B, -C.
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08-02-2012, 08:18 AM
U.S.S. Disturbed, Tac, Mirror Assault Cruiser~Band
U.S.S. Moretsu, Eng, Galor~Anime
U.S.S. Ergo Proxy, Eng, Patrol Escort~Anime
I.K.S. Void Stalker, Tac, Bortesqu~evocative
I.K.S. Kaimetsu, Eng, Bortesqu~japanese for destruction/annihilation
I.K.S. Azure, Sci, Bortasque~Tetryon build. characters name is Sapphire, it was planned from the start
U.S.S. Azure Fury, Sci, Patrol Escort~another tetryon build, the kdf was so fun had to try a fed version.

just the final ships at present, planning on acquiring an armitage which will go to the tac, also named Disturbed. Like the eng in the galor, it's a great ship. there's another final but can't remember the name of the ship >.< 13 alts...can't keep track sometimes.

shuttles...just kinda obvious why they're named that way i reckon.
U.S.S. Pinebox, fed freebie shuttle for vault mission
I.K.S. Coffin, kdf freebie shuttle for vault mission
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# 55
08-02-2012, 08:31 AM
Recently for my Escorts I've been naming them after Rev' War heroes:

Armitage Class: U.S.S. Nathanael Greene

Fleet Escort: U.S.S. Henry Knox

Ships for my Catian:

Connie class and my Odyssey : U.S.S. Kittyhawk

Nova and Trident class: U.S.S. Laser Pointer

Olympic and Nebula class: U.S.S. Morris (of 9 lives fame)

My whole line of cruisers (not the light cruiser):

U.S.S. Cutlass (named after the Oldsmobile as well as the U.S. Navy fighter(s) and the WWII sub)

Galaxy Refit: U.S.S. Holiday (trim level for Old's in the late fifties and sixties)

KDF faction ships: Named after Narn Regime ship classes from B5

Bortas class: IKS Bin'tak (the Narn DN)

Garumba class: IKS Dag'kar (Narn torpedo destroyer)
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# 56
08-02-2012, 12:57 PM
Originally Posted by whamhammer1 View Post
Nova and Trident class: U.S.S. Laser Pointer

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# 57
08-02-2012, 02:32 PM
Originally Posted by thoroon View Post
One exception is the U.S.S. Madame Pompadour NCC-291221
It is flown by my Sci, and got named by my wife. And she took the name out of Doctor Who, because she likes the actress who played her.
Your wife is sure good with names. I just hope that ship's captain doesn't live up to that name.

I've got an extra character slot.. how bad would it be if I named Klingon ships after todays supercars?
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# 58
08-02-2012, 02:59 PM
Well my ships goes as follows:

Exploration Cruiser Retrofit (my current ride) : USS Yamato, in honor of the Enterprise D sister ship and the TNG Anniversery since i just got her a few days ago.

Tactical Escort Retrofit: USS Tiberium, based upon the Star Wars Lambda shuttle in SW Ep. VI. Flying causal takes a whole new meanining lol

Long Range Science Vessel Retrofit: USS Vyper, kind of wanted a name that stood for beautiful but deadly about her since Voyager always had the "run and hide" reputation about her but she still had teeth and never once did they "dumb the Borg" in the show.

Star Cruiser (our universe): USS Galactica, as a kid before Star Trek came into my life i always had a fondness over BSG the Original on TV.

Ive got more but those are the ones that i use the most or currently
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# 59
08-02-2012, 04:51 PM
Fed Toon:

Shuttle: U.S.S. Highlander - Danube Runabout: Because why not?

(Lt.) U.S.S. PT-109 - Shi'Kar Variant (with Centaur pylons and Miranda engines/weapon pod): It's named after the ship John F. Kennedy served on during WWII. It's a semi-famous ship.

(Lt. Comm.) U.S.S. Veranus - Excalibur Class: I could not come up with anything unique and better.

(Comm.) U.S.S. Stalingrad - Akira Class: Named after the battle.

(Capt.) U.S.S. Whitestar - Defiant Class: Babylon 5, which is an awesome show. (#2 on my list of favorite sci-fi tv series. #1 is TNG)

(Current) U.S.S. John F. Kennedy - Gryphon variant (with Dervish Saucer): John F. Kennedy was an awesome president and a strong leader. I know in the US military, only carriers are named after presidents, but this was named before the Atrox and I do what I want.

(Current) U.S.S. Iris Arc - Mirror Assault Cruiser variant (Just a hash of stuff that looked good together): A flagship in my own sci-fi universe idea. That's all I can say.

KDF Toon (the more "important" ships):

(Capt.) I.K.S. 'Iwro' - Vor'cha Attack Cruiser: I believe that's Klingon for Blood Fist, which is a name for one of my micro-machine ships, another Vor'cha, which has a red streak across the front section.

(Current) I.K.S. Qulqa' - Vo'Quv Carrier: Translate and see what else I'm a fan of (...at least until the next installment later this year ). You may have to switch the words to figure it out.
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# 60
08-03-2012, 06:48 PM
I've only passingly themed my characters. Only ones I really pre-planned were my sci Klink, using FF4 names: the Scarmilogne, Cagnazzo, Barbariccia, and Rubicante levelling up, with Rubicante, Golbez and Zeromus for endgame.

And my Ferengi who pretty much just referenced Nova while levelling up: Rick Chappy, Ginger Powder, Wiggling Niblets and LITTLE BOY. Yes, lame.

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