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08-03-2012, 07:04 PM
ISE can either be record time runs now or totally crap - there are a lot of players who just get frustrated because they know they don't have enough DPS to complete the 10% sequence properly - i.e. most of the PUGs know to take generators to 10% but some could not blow the transformer in time.

The correct thing to do in a DPS fail situation is start doing riot control and knock out the nanite spheres as soon as they arrive at the gate... but instead what I observed was a general lack of initiative to adapt tactics and the frustrated ones simply shot at the transformer in vain then quit eventually as the swarm continued.

With fresh players though it can be entertaining to devise new non-standard tactics that the PUGs understand and implement correctly (with little micromanagement) to win the map for themselves.

On KASE it seemed that probes can now escape gravwells very easily so that adds to the difficulty. You can't just rely on a lone cat carrier with double gravs holding the fort. Escorts are highly recommended for ESTFs as it always was the case.
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