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Hello there. I am as new as it gets in the game and the thing i am finding hard to get myself into is the complex lore of Star Trek. In this thread i hope to get some knowledge from you guys about what i should watch (as in series, movies) to get some much needed info in order to improve my gaming experience and general understanding of the ST universe.

I'v always found ST interesting but never have i watched enough of it to get a good grip on it's idea, characters, technology... I suppose you can understand the difference between me and a true fan when we see a photon torpedo... i have no idea how it works, who first used it, when, why etc... or when someone mentiones captain Kirk and all i know about him is that he's famous for something i'm not aware of. I really do want to learn more about ST and that's why i ask you, the fans, to tell me in which order i should watch the series and movies ( that would be chronologically logical).

Also, if it's not too much to ask, i would like to see some nice way to get info on the technology that i'll see in the series/movies/game ( ofc i could google it but considering i can't really tell if something is true or not ( because i know so little) i could get into sites with bad info or just bad explinations).

Oh and sry about my english. It's not my native and i'm not that good at it.
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It's more or less the official wikipedia for Star Trek. As to what you should watch... well, opinions will differ wildly on that. Some people swear by the original series as the official starting point, others will say the Next Generation is better cause it's more in line with the game's era (though still off by 50 years), others prefer DS9 (with or without the last season) while others again deem it a soap opera in space, and some people like Voyager, cause they're closet psychopaths and consider captain Kathy their personal rolemodel. Oh, and then there's Enterprise, the most recent prequel addition, which is also, at best, slightly controversial. It looks good, but it has some (considerable number of) dim moments.

Anyway, least people will object to TOS and TNG. Though I'm a DS9 fan myself, I'd go with TNG, as it gives you the best general feel of Star Trek for the reason described above (more in line with the game's era). Just a fair warning, it takes a while to warm up. The first two seasons of TNG still make me headscratch some times and wonder, "Wait, I like Star Trek?" but that clears up from season 3 onward.

If you really want to go chronological, though, you'd have to start at Enterprise, then The Original Series, then The Next Generation, Deep Space Nine and finally Voyager, though TNG's end and DS9's start overlap, and VOY starts I think during season 5 or 6 of DS9. Your call whether you want to do the back and forth. Just settle in cause you're signing up for upwards of 700 hours of homework.

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Originally Posted by hrisvalar View Post
If you really want to go chronological, though, you'd have to start at Enterprise, then The Original Series, then The Next Generation, Deep Space Nine and finally Voyager, though TNG's end and DS9's start overlap, and VOY starts I think during season 5 or 6 of DS9. Your call whether you want to do the back and forth. Just settle in cause you're signing up for upwards of 700 hours of homework.
Season's 6 and 7 of Next Generation overlap with season 1 and 2 of Deep Space Nine. Season 1 of Voyager starts up during Deep Space Nine's third season and overlaps Until DS9 ends during Voyagers fifth. Voyager started late and didn't have a full first season so Generations takes place before Voyager starts up during the couple of months where DS9 was the only one on television.
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Right, that makes more sense, cause I just remembered they didn't know about the Dominion war on Voyager.
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About "Enterprise":
It is actually more fun to watch it after the others.

I'm currently start of DS9 Season 6 with my wife, we started beginning of the year to watch all of Star Trek. Sometimes we watch half a season on a single weekend, sometimes we don't watch for two weeks at all.
After DS9 we will watch Movies 7-9, then Voyager, then Nemesis.
So far she likes DS9 the most, with the Ferengi and Garak Episodes her favs.
Although she came aware of Star Trek via Voyager.
First episode an opera singing doctor, she instantly fell in love with the EMH.

Oh, and they do know about the Dominion War on Voyager, and do know the Maquis got destroyed by a certain Cardassian/Dominion Alliance.
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08-04-2012, 06:56 AM
If you want to know everything official (canon) in cronological order (as best as I can map it):

Enterprise =>
The Original Series =>
Movies 1 - 6 =>
TNG Season 1 - 5 =>
TNG Season 6-7 + DS9 Season 1-2 (side by side) =>
DS9 Season 3 =>
Movie: Generations =>
DS9 Seasons 4 + Voyager season 1 (starting approx midway through season 4) + 2 =>
DS9:Season 5 (up till ep 9) + Movie: First Contact + Voyager Season 3 =>
DS9 Season 5 - 6 (starting at DS9:S05E10 - Rapture) + Voy season 4 + 5 (starting late DS9 season 6) =>
Movie: Insurrection =>
DS9 Season 7 + Voy (remaing seasons) =>
Movie: Nemesis

Technically there are a few mins of the 2009 movie that are prime universe canon too (where Spock explains about Romulus), but lets not get into that.
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I'd sum up the various series into non-conventional genres - which might help you identify which one might ease you in

TOS: Happy go lucky 60's comedy/scifi
TNG: 80's scifi meets higher moral messages
DS9: Western soap opera meets cultural melting pot + wartime drama
VOY: 90's stlye technobabble + alien of the week
ENT: Pioneer exploration/out of their depth kind a feel

Remember that all of these series generally get better as the seasons progress. Once you find your starting to enjoy a particular season you'll find it easier to continue and then to check out the rest (even if they don't chime well with you they do add to the backstory of what you do like).

There are also a few good ST games and a lot of books that I'd recommend, but that might be too much to start off. ^^
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In the case of STO, the Q episodes from TNG, the dominion war from DS9, the doomsday device from TOS, the technobabble from VOY and all the Klingon stuff in-between deserve special mention.
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I dont know about Enterprise. they had some good episodes but they sort of blew everything everyone in all the previous shows about that era out of the water.

especially with that temporal time war.

truth is i would watch them in the order that they where actually created.

TOS (if you can, get the remastered episodes, and avoid Spocks Brain at all costs LOL )

I also would watch the trek movies 1-6 here

Next gen


rest of the movies (with out the Abrams stuff since it is not germain to this reality)


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