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# 1 Tuffli owners unite
07-26-2012, 06:32 AM
Tuffli owners unite

I just had the fortune to get my hands on a tuffli class freighter. From the first time I was invited on to the bridge of one and saw all the capabilities of this ship I knew I had to have this ship. I worked for 3 plus weeks to save up the EC and buy it off the exchange. Ok, now I am loving this ship still. The best thing imho for doffing. I can change the exterior with different shielding set pieces, giving me the option to have very cool different looks.

I cant seem to bring my self to like the interior of the tuffli though. I feel like my toon needs to wash their hands or needs a sonic shower after changing back to a Star ship. Look at where the doctor is placed in with the engineering and science people, in a dirty rusting room, could he not have his own room? Where is the warp core room? The only clean modern thing on the ship is the bar lol? Would not the cargo boxes and crates be in the removable containers on the the outside of the ship and not stacked in the hallway, bar, bank, exchange and mail room?

Its my opinion that being a captain with 10 star ships in my fleet to chose from, with very clean and modern equipment, with the resources to buy this ship in the first place and I have to fly inside of what is to me a rust bucket. I should be able to paint the inside, add a little color, buy modern computer consoles, clean chairs and a nice floor for the tuffli. I am a Vice Admiral with a lot of pull within star fleet and could have some maintenance engineers do the work easily so as to make my trips more enjoyable. If star fleet purchased these freighters from Ferengi and Cardassian they could upgrade it to star fleet standards.

This is after all a star ship and also a freighter combined. The Tuffli Class Freighter comes with a Transwarp Drive that will allow you to access the furthest corners of the quadrant. Why shoudn't I be able to pimp my ride and make it look like some place I wouldn't mind spending time like in my escort, science ship, or cruiser...

Not sure if this is something other tuffli owners are thinking. I do know one other, like myself, that spends a lot of time flying to doff and jumping back and forth to the bridge using all the capabilities of the freighter, so why not have it clean and not like the inside of a rusting cardassian ship or abandoned base?

If i had to buy this upgraded interior with EC or dilithium that would be fine or, God help me, Z-points, that would be fine too. Cryptic, make some easy money! You know how many tuffles there are, the 3d model can not be that hard to work with, I could do it in a day on a 3D modeling program. Make an upgrade interior available please.

Would like to hear what other owners think.
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# 2
07-26-2012, 08:05 AM
I absolutely love it. I think it's the best ship interior.

It FEELS like a freighter. It looks like the same ship on the inside that it appears to be on the outside. It's original and different, and imo it is the ONLY original content in the game that actually looks like something ought to look in the Star Trek universe.

It makes perfect sense to me that Starfleet sometimes have to do field missions on ships that aren't spic-and-span like their brand-new cruisers. It makes perfect sense to me that my shuttle bay has some Starfleet shuttles, a few specialized craft like Deltas and runabouts, and a rugged freighter that we picked up somehow and continue to find useful.

The layout is rational and built to human scale. It's not claustrophobic like the Defiant or ridiculously gigantized like the Odyssey or implausible like the depictions of the Constitution or Sovereign interiors that are like 1/100th the length and five times the width they should be, or with the ridiculously scaled crew dining areas with 15-meter ceilings. The interior is exactly the scale it should be.

So, yeah. Idk. I love it.
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# 3
07-26-2012, 09:43 AM
I Love it, simple and straight forward design, easy to get to all parts of the ship. So i say leave the interior alone, but i would like to see some options for the exterior, like different nacelles, hull, cargo boxes (size, shape, placement) color etc..just so each freighter could be a bit more unique.
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07-26-2012, 04:05 PM
I never said I did not like the design or scale of the tuffli. I am an engineer in the real world and this is good for what I do with this ship. The doctor should have his own space and not in a rusty cargo bay.

Season 6 dev blog #7 " The Tuffli Class Freighter is arguably the best vessel for managing Duty Officer Assignments, trade, cargo acquisition and transport, and other related commendation tasks". I absolutely love it for Doffing. If it looked like the same ship inside as it does out side we would have multiple decks, but again I use it as Cryptic intended it to be used for Doffing.

I never saw a freighter in any star trek shows so I only have my imagination and I think crptic did a good job making my ship. If Star Fleet or the Klingon Empire made a fast acquisition of a Freighter for a mission and used it afterwards I am sure it would be upgraded to their standards. The computers look dated to me and the rust would have to go. Star Fleet would make it look "spic-and-span" and this makes perfect sense.

Dirz Raxx Customize your ship option has 0 chooses, not one. Most of the bridge options on other ships are just changing the color. For example my MVAE has standard, sleek, utility, and future as a chose and only the colors are different also the same with the strategic, victory, defiant, and vivid same bridge different colors. If I would hold to the reply I would never change my bridge based on the color I liked. We would just keep the default that cryptic used and there is no need for Driz Raxx or the Zen store Bridge Packs this stuff should be removed.

When I purchased the MVAE I knew I could most likly change the bridge to what I liked, money well spent. When I try ed for the Tuffli I had that same though that we should be able to change its inside colors to what we liked, like every other ship in the game and yes I spent a lot of real money to try and get this ship, more than $25 with no luck.

In my OP is all I am asking is for the chose to change the colors not the layout. I am cool with not having an engine room, its one less room we have to go and get doffing missions. I don't like the fact that there is no option to chose from, like I have with every ship in the game.

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08-04-2012, 12:52 PM
When will "Arucanus Arm" be added back to the Tuffli Transwarp Destination list?

It was somehow bumped from the list when "Fleet Starbase System" transwarp was added.

Does anyone know?
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# 6 Should I keep it?
08-04-2012, 01:49 PM
The comment sound interesting; my Section 31TAC Captain got one on the second Doff pack and I have had it in storage for a while (use or sell). What makes me want to keep it is that it would make a good covert ship for a Section 31 mission. (I still would dump it for a bug ship.).
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# 7
08-05-2012, 03:04 PM
Hire west coast customs?

Future Capt Gecko II Hitlers take on PvP
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# 8
08-09-2012, 07:08 AM
Hire west coast customs? Would be nice but, I am trying to hire Cryptic.
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# 9
09-09-2012, 01:44 PM
The bar is the only modern looking part of the ship.
I would expect that the different departments would receive the same treatment.

Modern sections placed in a crappy backdrop, this would make those sections look better.

Just a ruckbucket receiving a major upgrade, only visible from inside.
Lot's of potential, idea is good, execution not so.

Perhaps a future Z-Store upgrade?
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# 10
09-09-2012, 03:15 PM
It's a freighter.

What's important to a freighter captain? Having stylish corridors running past compartments full of boxes, or having a nice garish lounge to get wasted during those long lonely freight runs?

Makes perfect sense to me. The ship is fine as-is.

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