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08-04-2012, 05:40 PM
This is the all-female command crew of my current ship, an Ushaan Class Escort, the USS Artemis, NCC-91980.

Commanding Officer: Lt. Commander H'Kara (Andorian)
First Officer/Security Chief: Lt. (Jr. Grade) Risza (Andorian)
Engineering Chief: Lt. (Jr. Grade) T'Pel (Vulcan)
Chief Science Officer: Lt. (Jr. Grade) Ishana Lexx (Trill)
Chief Medical Officer: Lt. (Jr. Grade) Alizia Marin (Betazoid)
Tactical Chief: Ensign Tori Laran (Bajoran)
Operations Chief: Ensign Salia Trahn (Bolian)

I'm working on bios for them, but they're not finished yet.

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