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I just got a odd new bug!!!

How the Heck do i be come Borg when there are no borg around me and i have no Nanites on me.Explain that one.

And on top of this the node room in and out bug needs fixed the video in and out goes crazy like in a Circle and then your frozen for like a min or two.

STF Ground battles are getting Extremly Bugy Lately and there not being fixed.That Node Room Bug has been around for over 3 months now.

And on top of the in and out Node room bug.

When you try to activeate your Skills Like
[Quantum Mortar Fabrication III]
[Seeker Drone Fabrication III]
[Shard of Possibilities]
[Support Drone Fabrication III]
[Turret Fabrication III]
These Skills Are Effected Greatly in the Node Room.And it happens to me way to offten not sure if its every body eles but i am sure there are a few others that have the same issue.

While with these Skills For the ENG For some Reason Half of the time they will either not fire or not work at all and then it makes the node room a little harder.There seems to be a very long time delay between the fireing in the node room with them skills.

Ticket ID 1,379,568

And KAGE Is probably one of the most Ground STFS people play so this needs fixed it feals like its being ignored and thats what i feel.

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