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Hoping someone here might have a workaround for this newly introduced "feature".

I like to maneuver my ship using keyboard while using the mouse for anomaly scanning and with the Season 6 update: "WASD keys can now be used to control the scanning and mining minigames." This means now I cannot turn while scanning, otherwise the key presses affect the mini-game interface.

I've cleared the movement keys using /unbind <key>, and tested it so that the key no longer affects movement and it also stops the key from affecting the scanning game, but when I bind the key to movement ( using "/bind Q +left" for example ) it automatically is active for the mini-game again.

Is there any way to get a key bound to movement and NOT the mini-game interface at the same time? Does the mini-game use a different command that I can bind a key other than the movement keys just to get it away from the movement keys?

Any help would be appreciated.

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