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Now that we have the ability to use 15 maps per mission instead of 10, I'd like to polish up a mission by adding a couple maps I wanted to when I first created it.


It looks like this can't be done where I would like to place them - at a point about halfway through my story. Everytime I manually drag the map asset to the Story window, no --> <--- bar appears (the indicator that shows an asset can be added) and I get a message as I float the map icon around saying "Complete All" in a gray bar.

Now I know I can add additional maps to the mission, because if I go all the way to the bottom of the Story window, the --> <-- bar shows up very nicely and the map drops right into place with it's associated dialog option. But It just won't do the same above.

I thought I'd try the 'old' way and add an objective - which I could do - but the 'marker's' available are now only for the current map - not the new one - and there is no option to use any others other that what's allocated to the current map. (so the old way seems dead-dead)

Anyone else encounter this? Any 'work arounds' to add a new map to an old mission halfway though a Story?

Thanks for any help!
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