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When I try to launch the game, it shows the Cryptic screen with the progress bar, which finishes, then the screen with the Starfleet arrowhead logo, but when it gets to the point where it would normally announce that it is connecting to the server to launch the character selection screen, instead it jumps to a completely black screen with a tiny white arrow mouse pointer (Windows default mouse pointer). What is causing this? The game was launching normally until about 3 PM Pacific time on Saturday, 4 August.

Oddly, this issue only crops up when I try to launch Holodeck. I am able to launch Tribble normally with no trouble. I have a suspicion that I accidentally changed the video settings in the game to a setting that my card does not support, and this prevents me from launching properly (I was messing with the video settings during the last time I had been properly logged onto Holodeck before it started giving me this problem). If this is the case, then what file do I need to edit to restore the default video/graphics settings and how should I do it?

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