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Fan Fiction, By Yawne'wI'

The Diaries Of Yawne'wI' The Banished, Volume One

In the beginning, I was surrounded by darkness and shadow. Cold and alone, I had no clothes to wear, no friends to turn to. Then I saw the light! The bright, white shiny gleam of her highness, "The Pale One", stood before me in all her magnificent glory. She took me under her mighty wing. She gave me a place to stay. She taught me how to hunt. She saved me.

Now in the care of The Pale One, I felt I had a purpose, a reason to go on. I met many wonderfully beautiful sisters that were also in her care, many of which are still among my greatest friends to this very day. I quickly rose in skill and in rank. My new family taught me much. I practiced every day among them. I got better at defending myself against Borg attacks. I learned more about configuring my ship. I found information on survival. I was taught different tactics on how to attract males. I was told where to go to hire the most skilled Bridge Officers. As my skill grew, so did my rank. Being noticed for my exemplary performance, she took me under her wing. I eventually found myself, standing by the side of the mighty Pale One, commanding those beneath us.

As second leader of Her Majesties beautiful fleet, I began to spend more time with the Pale One. It was beginning to come clear, she was never interested in the skills that I had learned, or the mannerisms of the girls under our command. She was more concerned with how our girls looked. She did not want a fleet to defend her base. She wanted exact white clones of herself, to do her sexual biddings!!

Over time, The Pale One began to get more harsh, to punish us more severely. She would ridicule our girls if they refused to step into the Pale One's cloning chamber. If we didn't look like her, we were garbage, spat upon, to be lectured each day on how we would never compare to the Pale One in beauty, riches, knowledge, fame, or in skill. We were mocked at, put down, insulted if we declined to complete the cloning transition from beautiful green Orion ladies to exact white copies of The Pale One. We begged for our individuality, but was refused our request. My sisters and I began to feel more pressure from the cold, hard, crack of the whip of our white Master. We were losing good members. We were losing good sisters. We were losing good mission runners. We were losing good friends.

Several of our girls decided to take a stand. I was among those girls. Having taken enough torture and abuse, I decided it was time to fight for and stick up for my beautiful sisters. It was time we defended ourselves from the tyranny and cruel, cold grip of our strict Master.

I secured a letter to the Northern wall of our fleet headquarters, apologizing to my sisters for my behavior. I was ashamed for my actions, for unwillingly standing by The Pale One's side, and doing nothing for the protection or honor of my loving sisters. I tried to explain to The Pale One, that we we're losing great girls. They we're were being pushed away, leaving, and joining the ranks of more powerful, more protective fleets. I encouraged her to change her ways. She refused. I was punished for my actions, and kicked from under her wing. Yawne'wI' was now Yawne'wI' The Banished.

My closest sister companions and I contemplated and decided to create our own castle, our own fleet, our own base. One where we could protect our sisters. One where our sisters would have no fear of looking how they want to look. One where we could dress how we wanted to dress. One where we could be our beautiful selves, and not feel ashamed that we didn't measure up to the standards of The Pale One. One where mistreated Orion girls around the galaxy could find peace and refuge. One where we stick together and stand as one, as Orion sisters should.

Upon receiving word that a new base had been established by Yawne'wI' and her sisters, The Pale One sent threats of attack throughout the quadrant. We were still not free from the clutches of her arrogant power. Convinced the Banished Girls were out to destroy her, Her Highness sent spies to infiltrate the new base, to determine the quality and size of Yawne'wI's new headquarters. To take it down and destroy it, from the inside. Upon joining the new fleet however, the sent spies were quick to confess and quick to ask forgiveness. The newly established base was more kind, caring, and loving than they had first anticipated. The spies wanted to stay with Yawne'wI'.

This outraged The Pale One. She began to exile more of the girls that were still under her control. Some of those girls joined other bases. Some of those girls went alone. Some of those girls joined Yawne'wI'. After learning that some of her former girls had in fact joined the ranks and love of Yawne'wI', Her Majesty began to banish more of her girls, for no other reason than being seen with Yawne'wI'. The Pale One was now convinced that Yawne'wI' was out to steal the girls from Her Highness. She did not realize that Yawne'wI', with her love for her girls, was actually trying to encourage those still under the Pale One's command, to stay and be loyal. To only leave if needed. Yawne'wI' explained to them, that they would have a place to stay if the time ever came. And it did. More girls joined the backing and support of Yawne'wI'.

Still delusional and under the suspicion that her former Right-Hand is out to destroy her, The Pale One still communicates threats wherever she may happen to see Yawne'wI'. From a former conversation, Yawne'wI' and her sisters, along with the all of the occupants of Deep Space 9, still hear the shattering and cruel, offensive remarks as she screams, "WHITE POWER!!", as it echoes down the corridors of Deep Space 9, ringing and burning the ears of all pure, untainted green Orions.

The Pale One still threatens and teases Yawne'wI's girls to this day. I can only hope that the girls under my command are not offended. It has always been wrong to put our ladies in the middle of our dispute. It is wrong for them to pay the price for her hatred toward me.

To this day, Yawne'wI' still stands tall, believing in her girl's right for individuality. To secure them a safe haven, where abuse and cruelty have no meaning.
Yawne'wI' is no longer surrounded by darkness and shadow. Yawne'wI' is no longer cold and alone. Yawne'wI' still doesn't wear clothes (personal preference). Yawne'wI' is now surrounded by her closest caring friends.

What does The Pale One have in store for Yawne'wI'? What are her plans for the future? How will Yawne'wI' tackle the upcoming problems that she faces? How will Yawne'wI' end the scourge and plague of The Pale One's might?

With her friends.

... To Be Continued ...




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