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Originally Posted by wilsoncutter001 View Post
I'll admit I have not played many MMO's. Is it standard practice that permisions are set by, and at the sole descretion of a Guild Leader? I would think buiding in manditory failsafes would be the norm.
Yes - the mandatory failsafes are usually a contingency to take over a leaderless guild, sometimes implemented in the game like STO and sometimes by GM intervention. Either way, it generally requires an extended absence that can't be mistaken for a simple break or vacation.

STO gives fleet leaders more failsafes than most MMOs do, but they have to set them up first. There can be more than one person promoted to the top rank, and ranks below the top can be given any or all of the top rank's powers. Most MMOs have single leader guilds (promoting a new leader demotes the old one), and it's not uncommon to have at least some powers limited only to the top rank and nonassignable.

A fleet whose leader considered the possibility of being away from the game, or just the chance that starbase progress will go faster than they can keep up with alone, should have permissions set up so that the fleet can continue without the leader. My previous fleet was very inactive and had a leader MIA for over a year, but still manages to keep its starbase moving because there were others at the leader rank and generous permissions at the next rank down.

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08-06-2012, 09:01 AM
Good luck with this, and no you are not the only one. Every week or so this problem pops up in the forums. If he stays MIA your only options are to wait the 30 days and claim leadership or to leave the fleet.

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There is no reason for there being only one person who can slot Starbase Projects.
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08-06-2012, 09:18 AM
Thanks all for the feedback, much appreciated. Sorry if I missed those other threads.

As I said, everything was cool at the start and we were progressing very well.... but then when we were discussing how we were going to handle distribution of Fleet and Ship Provisions, Permisions got fowled up and some importent details got lost in the floatsam.

I really am very tempted to start my own fleet. I have close to 500000 FC's now however. I know I take them with me, but I am thinking of how I earned them (a lot of grinding), and how hard it has been to get other members to be actively involved (I'm a Alpha - cheerleader type ). Just seems a shame to leave it behind. Still..... *sigh*
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Originally Posted by tangolight View Post

Most MMOs don't even have a way to automatically get back leadership, so count yourself lucky in that way. Other than WoW, in other games you would normally have to petition a GM or something.
DDO has a similar failsafe, you would think more mmog's would adopt something like that other than just 3, perhaps 4, don't see why it wouldn't be a part of champions either (never played so don't know), or upcoming neverwinter.

should be part of any mmog considering there are usually things only GL's can do.
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Originally Posted by crusty8mac View Post
There is no reason for there being only one person who can slot Starbase Projects.
I agree. Once you get ownership of the fleet, allow more people to modify the projects. My fleet has about a dozen "founders" and we even opened up project slotting to a lower rank.
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08-06-2012, 09:42 AM
My best friend and I run our own fleet, Delta Fleet Command, we are the only 2 founders remaining. We have about 16 people right now we are trying to plan so that this does not happen. We are starting to put people who are active that ability to set projects.
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