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Dear all,

I've been involved in player development in STO for a very long time now, and this newbie-friendly disposition has won me a fair share of fun things to do, from commanding Elite PUGs to teach them intuitive ways to learn Elite maps, etc.

While the NOOB STF guides on the forum are really good and there are STF channels to teach cadets the "correct way" to run STFs, I feel that text descriptions are a bit troublesome. I can type lots and lots of words and answer every question coming my way but that does not really secure victory for a new STF pilot, especially in Elite maps where "do this, don't do that" is inadequate when things are exploding everywhere and one-shot kills are common.

The thing that transforms a cadet into a combat pilot, in my view, is exposure to graphical feedback. No point spending half an hour with a cadet telling him or her what to do in ISE, when she doesn't even know what a Borg transwarp complex looks like!

In this regard I want to up the ante of STF player development by creating a series of magazine-format graphics illustrating first the winning strategies and ship builds for the 3 STF maps.

After that I will do a showcase of common Borg enemy types and illustrate their weaknesses.

This should result eventually in a slick PDF format guide that STO players old and new can pick up and run through before the mission just so their cadets know how the map looks, decide which tactical plan to use (based on actual team's ship types), and better yet, they won't panic when they see 5 probes and 3 spheres come out of KASE because they already know what a swarm looks like and know to just snipe the probes and DPS the spheres one by one.

I have not done showcaseable fluff for STO but here is a sample of what a "magazine format" ship / threat feature looks like - I think I done this artwork nearly a decade ago by my reckoning:

Hiigaran Modular Combat Shuttle

To translate this concept into a STO NPC threat feature, remove the shuttles, add canon-style text about a Borg Tactical Cube, and do a simple hi res illustration on the threat arcs around the Tac Cube.

The idea is to show them an intimidating enemy type in a logical, intuitive fashion that anyone glancing over the 'magazine page' will realize to fly above or below the cube in order to avoid the torpedo launchers which only fire horizontally.

Likewise a threat feature on a Borg Sphere highlights the main threat as the sheer speed of the thing, and recommends high burst DPS plus immobilization to knock out the thing. For this case I will also make a small diorama involving two scenarios

i) Tactical maneuvers involving multi-cruiser bombardment from long range using 'standard TNG doctrine'
ii) DPS-heavy approach (escorts / Raptors) and how to manage the sphere swarm threat as a team to conduct a 'bait and kill' operation
STF Flight Instructor since Early 2012. Newbies are the reason why STO lives and breathes today. Do not discriminate.

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