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Here's some things that I think I (and likely others) would be willing to pay for:

Mini Respec Token - 100 Zen
Currently a respec token costs what, 500 Zen? That seems like a lot if you only want to make a small change. A Respec token allows you to redistribute all your skill points.

Instead, why not offer the "Mini Respec Token." When used the Mini Respec Token drains a single skill of skill points which may now be spent elsewhere. If you decide that you don't like drain abilities and no longer want your points in Flow Capacitors, this will allow you to get those points back without having to re-do everything.

Some people will like this because it allows more efficient re-spec'ing, and I expect that there are some people who in the long term will spend more Zen on these than they would spend on regular respec tokens.

Mutation Token - 500 Zen
Currently you can change your skills with respec but you can't ever change your traits. What happens when you learn more about the game and realize that you picked a trait which does you no good at all? Do you just deep-six your character and start over? Currently that is the only option, but if you've spent Zen or Lobi on your character you won't want to do that.

The mutate token would remove a single optional trait and allow you to pick a new one. This means that choosing a bad trait mix at character creation is not a game-ender. This is important because when creating your character for the first time you are expected to make choices about the game yet you are at a point at which you know nothing about how the game works.


While we're at it, here's one for the Lobi Store:

Melee Weapon Upgrade - 50 Lobi
This upgrade allows you to change either your Selaya Ceremonial Lirpa or Kri'stak Blade into a purple mark XII version. Let's face it, the Selaya and Kri'stak are both fairly weak and useless and purely decorative at level 50 - they're only valuable at levels 1 to about 20 or so when you can start getting superior ones through missions or crafting or on the exchange. Since levels 1-20 occupy such a small part of the game (none at all for KDF) it would make more sense to give higher level players some reason for getting the Zen store items, and since there is a Lobi store item that allows you to upgrade your Tholian set items to mk XII, why not have a Lobi store item that does the same with your Selaya or Kri'stak?

Peet Smi3th

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