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This is a topic that I have grumbled about for a long time, and with changes to ships slots I feel that the topic may now have merits worth discussing.

Klingon ships (B'rel, Raptor, K'tinga, Vor'cha, Negh'Var) were all designed using the Klingon tactic of heavy forward attack. Heavy forward weapons coverage, heavy forward shields, and small craft being fast and agile. Small craft strafe, larger craft keep the enemy with in the forward half of the ship. STO has never honored this idea. Most other Trek games have tried to stick to the canon lore.

So what I am suggesting is a modification to the Klingon ships. The Bortas Disruptor Autocannon console has started the offer the idea of heavy forward weapons. I suggest they make the fore weapons count 1 slot higher, and remove one aft weapon slot on all ships. The B'rel never had aft weapons, so 3 fore slots for dual cannons/torps. The Raptor config works with my suggestions. K'tinga was limited light weapons on the aft, so 3 fore 1 aft. The Vor'Cha and Negh'Var had some aft coverage mostly torp/mine/missle coverage, so a 5 fore 3 aft coverage would make sense. The cruiser/battleships would benefit from a point defense console, or maybe one fighter/frigate bay.

Klingon ship shields should be a 40% fore, 20% port/starboard, 20% aft configuration. Some suggestions show fast ships having 45% fore, 15% aft alternate set up. Federation ships were noted for their strong even facing shields, but Klingons opted to put more energy usage in to weapons/engines. Also Klingons used more hull armor then Federation ships since Klingons were feudal rather then explorers.

Now I have not forgotten that Gorn, Orion, and Nausicaans ships will not follow these designs. I honestly would not want them to use them. Klingons are well known to capture enemy ships, and use them. Covert Ops, reverse engineering, or ransom. The Klingons use any advantage allowed. Cloaking Tech was offered by the Romulans in exchange for ships, though the Romulan gave older versions of cloaking devices for premium Klingon ships (Bird of Prey/K'Tinga Cruisers mostly). Klingons are crafty, resourceful, and will sacrifice for victory. Gorn Shield Tech, along with advanced Hull Designs, would explain why the shields and weapons are more equalized. Orions use of fighters/shuttles/platforms would also remove heavy forward weapons, and lack of missile usage. The Nausicaans use simular tactics to the Klingons, and so they would have simular designs.

In the end I would like to see a move to heavier frontal weapons/shields for Klingon ships to better define the Klingons ships. It would a unique feature, and would change the tactics used. In PVP the head on attack would be pointless against Klingon ships, as it should be. You do not run head on toward an angered beast. You find a way to flank it, and attack it on the weak side.

I do not expect others to agree, and I do accept that this might be something the game engine can not support. I still want to suggest it. If I say nothing it will never change. Even if this just gets the community,or the Devs, thinking of new ways to augment the game play I will be happy.

Thanks for reading.

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