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I'm not sure if this has been seen or mentioned by anyone yet but I've noticed, that when running Khitomer Accord Space Elite with my Hegh'Ta Heavy Bird of Prey, and I deploy a Heavy Turret (Antiproton and Phaser have been tested so far) the turret's targeting is flaky at best.

Usually, when running the BoP I handle probes on one side. I figured that by using a Turret it would aid in taking down probes, especially in later levels. So I would set up in the probes path and drop a turret behind me, just a tad. What I've noticed is that the probes go right by it, and the turret doesn't fire.

Now, if I happen to be too close to a Generator, that powers the transmitter on either side, the turret will target and attack that Generator until it is destroyed. If I am even closer to the Transmitter, it will even attack that afterwards. However, probes, they'll just keep passing by, Even once the Transmitter and all generators closest are destroyed.

Anyone else experiencing this?

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My Turrets don't work at all, I usually drop one in Infected space to shoot the gateway but lately it's just sitting there.

Probes have always been problematic for your support to target, for example if you're shooting them and use holo fleet, they'll just warp in and blink out of existence a few seconds later without ever shooting at anything. It also happens in some ground maps with Security Escort.
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(i may not be right but this is what happens ((i think))

When you deploy a turret it finds a target,
if in range it shoots target til it is destroyed or until the turret is destroyed

If the target is OUT of range, it sits there until the target IS destroyed, then finds a new target, (if new target is out of range.. it sits there til its out of range target blows, then targets something new)

When you next use a turret, click on it, then click the turret's target, and check if it is out of range (to see if i am right.)

The same thing happens with cloaking tractor mines, i tried them in Cure Space normal once, the mines targeted a nanite sphere and let Birds of prey past.

I think its a single targeting-out-of-range issue

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