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# 1 STF torpedos
08-08-2012, 05:22 AM
so, when can we expect the torpedos to be fixed? I could put up with the fact that the enemy torpedos are invisible, or that they can kill a cruiser with no problem trhough shields. but not both... now these are just ridiculous.

I was shooting at a gate, it was at 2%, when I entered into the "danger zone" aka closer than 9,999999999km, and during the three seconds it was up, and I was in there it managed to shoot a torpedo and shield drain combo. when it went down I noticed after two seconds, I got the reddish shield drain, I did not care about it, it drained basically nothing, than after another three seconds I was dead. from what? a torpedo. I did not see either incoming, and it was just ridicoulous...

the other is Donatra. for once it shot visible torpedo spread. now in itself this is a miracle alone, but the other miracle, that I survived. I saw them incoming, pushed all shield power to the front, brace for impact, and with 20% I survived. I was so happy, because the same spread destroyed one of my team mates. but after no more then 5 seconds ANOTHER (visible O.o) torpedo spread came (I barely got my shields up, and my hull to 75%), which killed me.

so either do something about the visibility, or nerf them. the former would be the better choice, since it would enhance the game, because it gives a new feature. visible stf torpedos (ikr, many would be surprised, that the gates and donatra actually can shoot torpedos).
the latter would be a half solution. it would take away the only edge of the borg, which would make them seem even weaker (and they are pretty weak), but at this point I just cant see this other than cheating...

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