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# 1 Deep Space Encounters
08-08-2012, 09:41 AM
These appear to be in serious need of reworking.
Firstly, there's the lack of any level balancing - the ones in the Sirius sector block are keyed to grades 1-9, so all it takes is one high level player to show up to slaughter everything instantly and basically ruin the fun for lowbies.

Then theres the mission : why does - practically EVERY SINGLE TIME you enter a DSE - a ferengi appear to congratulate you on completing a mission you haven't even started? The mission trigger/end messages seem to be broken.

Finally, please do something about those two huge streaks of white light across the bottom of the deep space encounter map. I have no problems whatsoever with my current graphic settings playing this game, EXCEPT when those bloody things are on screen. They cause HUGE framerate slowdown, often to the point of making the game unplayable. I don't want to have to turn down all my graphic settings, since that will lower the visual quality across the WHOLE game - all because of one graphical feature (bug?) on one map.

Thanks, JR

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