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08-08-2012, 09:46 AM
Originally Posted by dontdrunkimshoot View Post
situationaly it out damages. but a good odyssey captain should be swapping targets often to team mates and throwing heals.
On one hand you're assuming I'm not there to support in a beam boat, while simultaneously priortizing a single extra tac console over the Sci Ody which has an extra Sci console slot for stronger shield healing?

Are you there to support in your Ody or are you there for your damage (primarily)?

Which is more important for a Beam boat Cruiser - the Tac console that gives a tiny bit more damage for the first 18s* or so on target or the ship that has an extra Sci console slot with which you can improve your shield heals while also having the potential for better or equal to DPV on weapons in any situation where you fire on a single target for 18s or more?

Maelyw5 has posted testing here:

Data Link

Post Link

Something to keep in mind while looking at the data.

While 18s is the break-point for DPV with SA vs. 1 Tac Console, even at just 12s (2 stacks) they are extremely close.

What this means is, at the 12s mark on target the Sci Ody now hits for (roughly) 99.4% (1011.14 vs. 1018 in the data) as hard as the Tac Ody does.

Except it also has 1 extra Sci Console, whether you want to use that spot for a uni console, a field gen, etc., it is basically a bonus at that point.

Originally Posted by dontdrunkimshoot
id rather not be the ******* that brings a sci flagship to a duel.
By duel do you mean 1 vs. 1?

A lot of people (I'm not saying you specifically dontdrunk, this is something I hear from other players often in-game) have this concept of Sensor Analysis as a Tac Console that has to build up over time.

That's not how it works.

Sensor Analysis is more like a personal, stacking mini-APB (it's not a debuff, but the end result is similar) that your opponent can't remove with Tac Team and builds up to maximum effectiveness over 60s but after 18s has already stacked three times to 9.99% that affects your overall damage - not your base damage the way a Tac console does.

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