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08-08-2012, 11:37 AM
Originally Posted by henrik68 View Post
If these DOFF's are of higher "quality" it raises the chances of getting a more rare one, or do you mean white ones?
Well, with a small dilithium cost, you can find a person who will offer to 'reassign under performing personal', or basically, 'grind up', some DOFFs.

5 Whites, or commons, can become 1 green, or uncommon.

5 greens, can be become 1 blue, or rare.

5 blues, can become one purple, or very rare.

Now, the quality of the DOFF you get, is guaranteed. If you make 5 blues into 1 purple, you WILL get a purple.

As for WHAT purple DOFF you get, that is random. Those two who each got a Xindi DOFF was only a very, VERY small chance, and they got lucky.


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