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Originally Posted by drogyn1701 View Post
I hope he is still working on it. The way I envision it, it could be great. I had in mind a non-Trek example, thinking how through that whole awesome sequence in Battlestar Galactica where they jump the ship into the atmosphere and launch their fighters as its plummeting toward the ground then jump out into orbit at the last minute, and through the whole thing Commander Adama doesn't so much as look out a window.

I did a very very small version in my latest mission, where I have the player fight a small battle from their bridge, and I did face the two challenges you outlined. I got around the second issue by setting on an auxiliary bridge which I designed. The story is your ship gets hit and some hull breaches form on the main bridge and forcefields are down, so you have to evacuate. I got around the first issue by completely ignoring the away team and using a relief crew to fill out the bridge positions. I figure in a crisis where seconds count you might just have them stay at their stations when you make it down to the auxiliary bridge.

It would be much easier if we could just set a map to be player-only. But I don't anticipate them giving us that any time soon.

And thanks Johnny, it's players like you that make the whole thing worthwhile for us authors.
Yeah I am still working on the dialog. Haven't got the Foundry to do much yet.

Basically it takes place aboard the U.S.S. Evening Star. It is called "Night Watch" where you get requested to take over as acting Captain. I have you going other places on the ship but as you know we are limited on ship maps. So I was building some... until some JERK shut the Foundry down again.

The idea is you need to do things mostly from the bridge and work with a crew you are unfamiliar with while their Captain is away on a covert mission. I got this idea watching a re-run of STNG "Chain of Command".

So drogyn1701, as you see great minds do think alike.

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I'm working on two missions right now (both Starfleet):

1) You investigate a science outpost near the Neutral Zone that isn't responding to hails and you find it commandeered by Romulans, who are using the station's computer to hijack a secure Starfleet subspace communication network for an unknown purpose. After clearing the system of Romulan ships and then boarding the station and defeating the occupying force, you discover that the Romulans were sending the data to a point in deep space. When you arrive at the coordinates, you find more Romluan ships, which (after being defeated) are discovered to have been sending the data in encrypted signals to the Romulan-Klingon border. Arrival in the system reveals a Klingon outpost receiving the data that turns out to be fleet maneuvers and tactical data. The station is destroyed, after which the player is confronted by a Klingon/Romulan fleet (the Klingon house of Torg hired the Romulans, a reference to the Klingon missions during the first episodes of the "Federation War" arc).

2) You are sent to the Risa system to investigate an anomaly just outside of orbit. When you approach the anomaly, you are pulled into a portal taking you back in time and to an alternate universe. When you arrive in the alternate Risa system, you find a Klingon fleet warning you to leave "Before the Cardassians return". They tell you about the Cardassian invasion of Earth several years before and direct you to the staging grounds of a counter-attack. Once there, you find a fleet of ships from many species (most of whom were featured in Enterprise); when a Cardassian patrol enters the system, you are dispatched to defeat them. Afterwards, while the Allied fleet is diverted to assist a Vulcan-Andorian fleet under attack in a nearby system, you are sent to a different system to intercept a Cardassian invasion fleet. After gaining control of the system, you take an away team to an orbital station to clear it of Cardassian troops. Then a surprise awaits you in orbit: a Romulan senator announcing the existence of a Civil War between the Romulans and Remans.

I'm still developing the second and I'm not sure if it will ever be completed because it was based on a random idea. Not sure where to go from there, so criticism and comments are welcome!

PS: Is it possible to use the Andorian battlecruiser (from Enterprise) in the foundry? I want to use it and the D'Kyr in the second mission, but I can't find it anywhere. Will it be added in the future?

Once again, please feel free to leave comments and criticisms of the missions (if you don't like them, please say why!)

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