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Originally Posted by dontdrunkimshoot View Post
oh man, came sooo close to stoped reading here. pve? really?
Why exactly? We were discussing using these weapons in PvE, do you have a problem with PvE?

Originally Posted by dontdrunkimshoot View Post
a galaxy X could keep a high DC up time on any targets in an stf. there has never been a situation in an stf were i thought a single cannon would do a better job then a DHC. an 8 beam array broad side would be best if you want to move and shoot. against fast moving targets, a bug with DHC properly flown can keep DHC in arc as easily as any other escort could keep single cannons in arc.
Galaxy X with cannons is almost next to worthless in STFs nowadays unless you are just sitting still 8 km from a gate and as for PvP, yeah see loads of Gal-Xs in Kerrat NOT for a good reason. The only way to get the lance on a target in Kerrat is by sheer luck or using the Subspace Jump console, rest of the time you're a sitting duck that turns like a whale with a huge target on it's head.

Originally Posted by dontdrunkimshoot View Post
ive heard the difference even with100% up time gets quite noticeable, to say nothing of the real world disadvantages with DCs. theirs the way that it fires, a DC fires for the entire length of its cycle, a DHC deals all its damage in the first second with a moment of down time after. if you get someone in your firing arc for a second, you can fire your DHCs for full effect, if you were using DCs you would need to keep your target in arc the entire cycle to deal all the damage. since its firing so immediately, the power drain doesn't effect it as dramatically. every pulse of a weapons cycle deals damage based on the exact power level at the moment of firing, the 3rd and 4th shot will certainly deal less damage then the first 2, wile a dhc's 2 shots would deal damage at the nearly the same power level. the only advantage a DC has is its ability to best utilize per shot boosting abilities, like DEM and tetryon glider.
This whole firing cycle debate is interesting. Can you list your source for this information, preferably from a Cryptic Dev, not a fan site. Personally I've never seen anything from anyone at Cryptic that specifies the exact way any of their weapons work.

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