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Originally Posted by rickpaaa View Post
The vibe is from little things like the KDF starbases, which are excellent.

Starting the year with a new, and well made episode for the KDF, and it is an amazing experience from the start.

KDF related podcasts such as this are continuing to receive high profile in the Federation News Network tells me that Cryptic wants for people to be excited about the KDF. Why?

As much as I hate to make this analogy, a huge part of the perennial MMO winner, World Of ********, has to do with the development of the Horde as a full faction. Cryptic, and certainly Perfect World is going to seize the opportunity to give STO the expanded appeal of player option that are afforded by (at least) two developed factions with a wealth of lore.

It's true that the KDF glass is half empty/full, but Cryptic is still dropping ice, and pouring occasional blood wine into it. They must want someone to drink!
I was just looking at it from a logical perspective where the statement was any content for the KDF was in the planning stages and that they were cut and as you stated they did very well with the interview on emphasizing different Q&A.

The other part is where they asked if anything was currently being worked on and the answer was "No". After that it went quickly into "What If" scenarios *if* the Great Loresinger was able to do with the KDF as she pleased . That was the great part of the podcast but in all being that it is something to be left to the imagination we could do the same thing just walking around the great hall daydreaming.

TBH as well the mmorpg you are refering to they didn't come up with that on their own. During the late 80's and through the 90's people had online games referred to as Muds which those were copied into what we now know of as mmorpgs (to people like me who were avid gamers even back then they didn't do much to impress me unless they could come up with some new concept I have never come across before).

The problem I have with which ever standpoint of either company when it comes to the KDF is that they put little work into it besides what we have right now. They refuse to do anything more for it because its not making them as much money as the other side. As well most players I try to get into the KDF have stated they refuse to play something that is unfinished so it does not tarnish their experience of the game as they play it as it unfolds for them.

At this point to for those of us who have supported the KDF we own just about everthing there is to own from the KDF side but... Like some people are like wow a new ship to buy... We do not even have that theres been like 5 or so federation ships to come out shuttles included but not one thing for the KDF since the bortasqu'.

I just do not see at all based on all the facts that lay before me that they want people to get "excited" over the KDF or to make them even want to play it. The only factor for people that currently play it is that they are true fans of the Franchise and LOVE the Lore of the KDF.

I'm vocal but I'm just being real and call it as its laid out I don't sugar coat it because sugar does not go good with live gagh.

Edit: A little late but... I find this a little insulting, odd, and just purely baffled why a podcast about the KDF, and with the dev/writer/loresinger/etc about imaginary KDF content that will never see the light of day is in a Category called the... By the Hand of Kahless... "FEDERATION NEWS NETWORK".

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