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08-10-2012, 11:57 AM
I like the shopping cart idea!

The stipend needs to be increased anytime the prices go up, as a cost of living raise. The increased percentage should always be comparable to the percentage of the increase, with immediate retro active increases since f2p and the zen mess.

This does not address the soaring prices for character unlocks, and ships. All ship prices need to dropped by about 30%, the rest of the item need to be decreased by 20%. It is one thing to have us buy thingg through micro transactions it is another to price gouge like big oil does while doing so.

Keep micro transactions out of the in game reward system of it truly is not a reward at all. If I want to buy it ensure it is in the c-store for a reasonable price and it will be purchased on the merits of the item.
Go back to account unlocks for subscribers period. We already pay to be here. Let silver members pay per character for unlocks, since they do not invest like some of us have into the black hole of sto.

Note 500zen is not even enough for a costume unlock, and before zen it was more than enough.

Thank you

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