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Originally Posted by tieberione View Post
I admit to be one not pleased with it. I pulled mine back out and was loving the survivability, plus the TW drive (even if it does fail time to time, the nacells arching and the car stallout sound crack me up)

Plus, i love the look of the older line ships, I grew up on that generation. After star wars, star trek I and II were the first 3 movies my young life saw at the drive in with my grandparents- yes kids, the Drive in

OK, bring the shileds back down, but supposedly the C-Store version that I have has been upgraded for 24th century use. So give me a hull/or shileds near the odyssey, so sick of being in events and the odyssey is all you see. Give Cruiser people a choice, trade one thing for another sure between ships, but still give us a reson for variety, other than a better turn rate.

Sighning off...

Ran a few STFs even after the "bug fix" and I still enjoy my Excelsior 10X more than trying to tank or do STFs with the Oddy. That extra little turn rate helps quite a bit. My hull is still 40k+ with the MACO deflector and the SIF bonus and I haven't honestly noticed the hit to shields.

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