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Originally Posted by argent007 View Post
so instead of fixing things that became broken because of Cryptic's fumblings [cough]nukara[/cough]

they release, instead, an article about a currency system that's been in place for the better part of a year now?

cryptic fix things already [cough]exchange[/cough]

no i don't need a cough drop, but thanks to the first person to offer one
Originally Posted by pwebranflakes View Post
Need a cough drop?



Brandon =/\=
That made me laugh.
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Originally Posted by pwebranflakes View Post
You'll continue to see articles like this, and Guest Blogs written by the community, that continue educating players, new and old, on some of the game's features.
why do that on the homepage?
why not in-game?
or at least in the game-launcher?

Cryptic often tells us that the Forum / Homepage users are a *minority*.
The players who are just playing are getting none of that information.

Anyway the UI is very intuitive i don't see a reason to explain every button of it.
The only button that needs pointing out to new players is that bermuda-triangle menu below the mini-map, that will get easily overseen and there are plenty of options in there like the Dilithium Exchange or the new Notification Settings that popped up in there.

Anyway you guys should take a good look at your Dilithium Store and think about the items and prices that are in there.
Just Yesterday i was looking for a Disruptor Pulswave rifle and got cramps when i've see that there are only Mk X rifles and those cost >20k dilithium (at least true for the NPC on the First City Ground Map, didn't look any further)...

Most of those should be convenience items, a 3 day grind is not convenient at all, and the items in that Dilithium Store are not exactly Endgame equipment,
chances are by that time i have already found the item i was looking for somewhere else by just playing.
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08-03-2012, 04:22 AM
Love the article, good and helpful for newcomers.

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Originally Posted by meurik View Post
Still waiting for the day that we can have an entirely "PLAYER CONTROLLED ECONOMY" in the game, where the players build things, sell them, and the supply/demand determines it's cost.
That can't ever happen in a "free to play" game. You know why ? Because there will be always at least two commodities you have to pay for, and that is the existence of the game itself, and your own existence in time, playing it. Noone will create you a virtual free market and maintain it for free, so you can exercise you mercantile abilities. Once a developer invests time (and not just time) so he can provide a "virtual" environment for you to play in it, and once you invest your time in it (what is also real and measurable), virtuality stops, and it becomes a real life trade.

In fact, in STO as it is, you have a free market, but the main commodity is a real life one, and that is zen/dollar/EUR or other currency. It is genius move to create a "virtual" market what is only virtual in appereance, because it all boils down to the fact that an illusion you like and got fond of is maintained by real life efforts, and you are made to pay for it, in one form or another. (currency or time)

You will not have a PLAYER CONTROLLED ECONOMY because that leaves on side of the deal out, the developer. And you need two for a deal. Sure, you could create your world where players are the masters, but that world needs to be created, organised, sold, and once you start these activities, you have become a developer.

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