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I was a member of STFVeterans for a while and ran a few missions with them bit got Kicked because I joined before they closed their Channel. I can shovel out ~5K DPS with 2 of my accounts, 4.5K with the third. I only do Space STFs (And really only ISE but I am very good with ISE). And am sick of PuGing.

Can post Pics or Video if you want. Can also run a few games if you hit me up at @sdkraust

Kraust - U.S.S. Secret Dragoon - Fleet Advanced Heavy Cruiser Retrofit
Cassi - U.S.S. Tainted Seraphim - Fleet Assault Cruiser Retrofit
Crost - R.R.W. Crostiphex-B - Fleet Dhelan Warbird Retrofit
Hyde - I.K.S. Judgment - Fleet Tor'Kaht Battle Cruiser Retrofit

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