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Originally Posted by potasssium View Post
the gold vs silver matrix says that gold members gain additional bank and inventory slots on level up. If I go gold would already leveled characters gain those inventory & Bank Slots?
Nope, that's what "*ON* level up" means. Not retroactively. Same with the respecs. Everything is tied to the promotion missions at 10, 20, 30, 40, 45, 50, flipping a switch.

If so do you keep those benefits if the subscription expires, the extra bank and inventory slots.
Yes you do keep the slots earned.

As I understand it past gold members who have gone silver have the account bank feature as well, but I may be wrong.
Yes, I have 20 slots.

Oh and what does priority login mean? Is that possibly what is causing my server disconnects, the fact that I only have a silver account?
During the Season 6 launch there was about a 6 hour span where we saw login queues. Golds got in to play first. That's all that means. Has nothing to do with disconnects.

It made things pretty frustrating for fleets with leaders who are silvers and couldn't get in to set the permissions. But that's all gone now.

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