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Originally Posted by agentraz View Post
The Belfast is a vastly different layout and design, with decks, corridors, and engineering section that reflect the cramped nature of the Defiant. The crew deck is tiny, and only has the ready room (with no account bank!). The Engineering deck is a bit more spacious, with main engineering/ops on one side and the rest of the interior services you'd expect clustered together on the other.

I've posted some screens of the Belfast interior on my Steam page.

I highly recommend the Belfast bridge if you're a fan of the Defiant or just want a modern starship interior without corridors that are two decks tall. While the dimensions are still off, they are much cozier than the defaults. I also find it quicker to navigate the Belfast than the default interiors, even having to take two turbolifts to get to engineering (why aren't they all connected?). Lastly, don't forget to take into consideration the lack of an account bank, which may be fixed in the future (haha, no).
Oh, that looks so cool. So tempting! That said, I'm running my HEC most of the time so...but still, a new proper interior would be great.

Does anyone have an idea what the Armitage's bridge would look like? I'm using a Prometheus bridge right now, but that doesn't feel quite right (especially not if I ever shell out for an MVAE).

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